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Raiditem - What Should You Do Before Patch 7.3 Hits

  • 2017-08-21 14:54:23
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 Patch will hit soon, along with a bunch of new content, items and features. You can check out our previous posts o get a overview of what feature to expect in upcoming 7.3. What should the players do before the patch comes. Here, raiditem.com provides you a brief guide for how to prepare for patch 7.3. Besides, we highly recommend you buy wow gold and wow mounts from raiditem if you need to boost your character’s power rapidly.

Here is how to prepare for patch 7.3:

- Save Comparable ilvl relics for the Netherlight Crucible. The Netherlight Crucible is a new feature in patch 7.3 that allows you to further empower your artifact relics. Each relic that you drop has a random tree of traits that you can choose up to 3 from. Saving relics that are naturally average or good for you might turn into an excellent relic with the Crucible.

- Stockpile a bit of Order Resources. Patch 7.3 adds a new level cap to followers, adds new legendary equipments, and adds new types of troops. Those new troops will cost 250 the first time you recruit them and 2500 afterwards. They will be vital to counter new enemies and threats from missions.

- Don't buy epic gems. There are new gems cuts coming with the patch, that will teach Jewelcrafters new designs like Quick Lightsphene which, for the majority of the classes, will be better than the current epic cuts.

- Save some Obliterum. Crafting professions are getting a few new recipes for gear, like Lightweave Breeches. Those pieces start at item level 885 and are upgradable up to item level 935 but, instead of using Obliterum, you will need Primal Obliterum. In order to get it, you need to trade Obliterum and Primal Sargerite on the repeatable quest Primal Obliterum, which is available near the Obliterum Forge in Dalaran.

Alchemist only Save Blood of Sargeras to transmute into Primal Sargerite. Alchemists will learn a new transmute with the patch: Transmute: Primal Sargerite, that will convert Blood of Sargeras x25 into  Primal Sargerite. With the new craftables available in the patch,  Primal Sargerite should be really sought after.

- Hit level 110. Content introduced in patch 7.3 is mostly exclusive to level 110 characters. Also unlocked content, like Argus World Quests and the Netherlight Crucible will be account-wide unlocked, meaning you do not need to complete the quests on alts to used them.

- Accumulate Gold for the new Mounts. Many new mounts will be added with the patch. Some of them will be linked to reputation with the new factions, Argussian Reach and Army of the Light. The most outstanding faction mount is the  Lightforged Warframe, which will require Exalted standing with Army of the Light and costs 500,000 gold. To help you gather that much gold, make sure to check our new weekly economy series!

- Save Mark of Honor. If you haven't gathered the transmog appearances for Legion Season 3 and Season 4, starting in patch 7.3 their ensembles will be available from vendors costing 12 Mark of Honor.

If you want to know info on what will come with patch 7.3, don’t hesitate to check out our news part to get more. We will update this part regularly to keep up with the latest release as well as tell you the special offers on our site. Besides, raiditem is one of the most reputable websites selling wow in-game currency and our cheap wow gold is priced definitely low to ensure wow players to get wow gold easily, safe and fast!

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