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Blizzard has published the first in a series of three comics that will set the stage for the next World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth. All are said to include major characters in BfA and that seems true.


Since the first version of World of Warcraft, flying has been a controversial addition that must be shown. However, flying has already been locked behind a set of time-consuming achievements, and not officially implemented until months after that expansion's debut. Well, raiditem.com like to tell you a good news that flying will be unlocked in Battle for Azeroth.


Before yesterday, raiditem.com has introducted all known allied races in World of Warcraft's new version: Battle for Azeroth. But there is discussion about weird things happening on Draenor last week and now the insanity seems to have spilled into Azeroth. Thanks to some data-mined broadcast text from WoWHead, players have an idea of just how bad things will go when they return to Draenor.


With Battle for Azeroth fast approaching, players have so many new features to explore. And one of the most attractive items added into BFA is Allied Races. Each Allied Race features "heritage armor", a unique look tailored to suit the overall aesthetic. What to know how many allied races there are in BFA?


The Allied Race feature has been one of the most widely discussed and hotly-anticipated additions to World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. It has only hotted up since we've been able to get our hands on the four 'preview' pre-order races unlocked in Legion, too.


Previously, raiditem.com reported that the Bolivar was being a weak currency because even WoW gold has much higher value than this real-world currency. According to the latest news, Venezuela's Bolivar continues to fell below the fake gold in Azeroth. What's remarkable is how much more valuable that virtual currency has become.


World of Warcraft has accompanied us over ten years, but we seldom approach to this game face to face. Luckily, this time fans get a good chance to see WoW appearing in real life as the game goes offline to Czech forest. Today raiditem.com will introduce how this phenomenon happen.


With high expectation from World of Warcraft plyers, Battle for Azeroth may be providing to become one of the best ones yet. Though the game doesn't come out until August, fans will be pleased to learn that the latest expansion has officially begun beta testing! Happily, Blizzard announced that the BFA beta is now live ahead of the expansion's launch.


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is currently in late-phase alpha testing and players recently had the opportunity to check out the expansion's first raid, Uldir.


Battle for Azeroth is reported to be released to arrive this August and what it will be different from the current expansion: Legion? Blizzard announced that PvP servers would be going away in WoW. As Battle for Azeroth beta would be coming "soon", the BfA alpha has been getting some updates over the intervening days with some pretty interesting new things.


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