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A good news for fans who have beloved World of Warcraft for many years. All its expansions from Wrath of the Lich King to Battle for Azeroth is now included in the game's $14.99 monthly subscription fee. And There's no longer an upfront fee for the game, or for any of its expansion packs. Surely, Blizzard's action make it easier to enjoy WoW with low cost.


Last week, the great news for World of Warcraft is that BFA's pre-patch would hit the WoW fans on July 17. This is july 16th and we are nearly seeing the launce of pre-patch. Not only will the patch remove some old content, but also rock us with many new features including classes and quests.


It is not so far for Blizzard to release the WoW's next expansion on August 14. All sorts of new features are unveiled one by one from PvP talent to War mode. All things indicate Battle for Azeroth will be a great version earning gamers' eyes. Now a trailer given means there is still time to preorder and gain access to quest to unlock some new races.


Before Battle for Azeroth's finally coming in August, many new features continue to be unveiled. Players will be able to take part in a number of PvP activities including the brand new 1v1 Dueler's Guild. Raiditem.com has already introduced War Mode and PvP talents added in beta test period. If you are loyal WoW fans, and don't want to miss Dueler's Guild, follow best WoW gear seller to have a look.


Battle for Azeroth will arrive on August in accordance with previous plan. With this new expansion's coming, some new PvP changes will be brought to World of Warcraft fans. For those players who get tired of endless war background and won't buy WoW gold for old war content, these changes will make cheer them up. Raiditem.com has known that Blizzard is changing the way that people combat each other in upcoming expansion.


Gaming world is challengable and changable so that it seems no game can keep glory for a very long time. Some games just attract fans in a short period and after that, no one remembers them. But World of Warcraft is so different that it alwys keeps the top gameing in past 14 years. And now it give us surprise by PvP talent.


We all know that World of Warcraft's seventh expansion will launch on August 14 with plenty of new features. Wite time going by, it seems that we have to say goodbye to glorious weapons. Once BFA comes soon, they will be useless.


For many players, especially for those who have been accompanied by World of Warcraft for many years, WoW's PvP is a beloved experience though esports has never quited lived up to the hype. The 5v5 gradually change to 3v3 arena format, which seems far beyond gamers' expectation.


Hey, friend, don't be afraid to experience World of Warcraft new content if you just hear about the game from your friends or from some social medias. So far we have seen six expansions with Battle for Azeroth on the way. Some players buy WoW gold to explore new raids and dungeons as well as different challenges in WoW. You should follow them and raiditem.com can guarantee that much pleasure will be given by this game.


The world's top video game developers took E3 attendees behind the scenes of E3's biggest new announcements, and special guests will celebrate video games' role in influencing their work and popular culture. Every year, raiditem.com focuses on E3's highlight about World of Warcraft. As your best WoW mounts for sale site, we'd like to introduce the devs speaking in a panel at E3 Coliseum.


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