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World of Warcraft Classic will launch on August 26. Are you ready for this update? Raiditem has pulled together some information to help you get started on your journey through Azeroth. Also, we’ve provided plenty of cheap WoW gold and WoW mounts with safe service.


Dear WoW players, before the official launch of WoW Classic later this month, you are allowed with an active WoW subscription to reserve their names early. As of August 12, name reservation is live, and you can nab names for up to three characters. Raiditem.com, a professional WoW gold website, will share the best guide of how to reserve your game with you!


According to Blizzard, it will be buffing Arms Warriors, Destruction Warlocks, Frost Death Knights, Unholy Death Knights and Restoration Shamans in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth next week. The most famous WoW gold store in the market – Raiditem would like to share the details with you.


WoW fans have been craving for the coming of World of Warcraft Classic for ages. Nostalgic trip down memory lane will pay their dues as WoW Classic goes live later this month, but those that are a little more keen than others can get themselves set up as early as August 13 at 00:00 when name reservations for the older version of WoW start up. As a professional WoW gold supplier, Raiditem will show the latest news to you.


Hey, dear WoW players! If your worgen has started to look a little bit mangy, don't worry, their time has finally come. Goblins and worgen are both getting a visual update, including new animations. The new look will be tested in the Public Test Realms soon, along with some other new features coming to 8.2.5. BTW, if you want to buy WoW gold at the most competitive price, then you won’t miss Raiditem!


According to WoW official site, new adventures in the Eternal Palace Raid will begin soon on July 31. Obviously there is not much time left for all WoW warriors to prepare this amazing adventure. Raiditem.com make a list of new achievements about Eternal Palace Raid so you can know what to expect.


Dear WoW players. If you are looking for a professional WoW store to buy cheap WoW gold, then here is the right place! According to the official announcement, the patch 8.2 hotfixes for July 17 include many adjustments for Operation: Mechagon, a PvP nerf for Cyclotronic Blast, Azerite Essence adjustments, and more.


It’s a big day for World of Warcraft! Rise of Azshara Update is live, and you can now explore two new zones, earn gnome and tauren heritage armour, learn to fly in the Battle for Azeroth zones and gain the ability to hide all of their armour but their pants. The best WoW gold website, Raiditem, would like to share the news with you.


Dear WoW players, you can currently reach up to level 120 in World of Warcraft, but a survey sent out by Blizzard suggests that the maximum level of 120 will be reduced in the future. As noted by PCGamesN, World of Warcraft players might find that their characters are going to have their levels permanently reduced. Keep your eyes on Raiditem to get more WoW information, also, you can buy cheap WoW gold and WoW items from us.


New treasures are expected to arrive soon with World of Warcraft’s Rise of Azshara, and the rewards are grouped into: Mounts, Heritage Armor, Pets, and Toys. Are you expecting for it? Rise of Azshara is to be released with patch 8.2.0 and is Battle for Azeroth's second major content patch. Raiditem will bring the details to all of you, while if you want to buy WoW Classic gold at a reliable website, then our site will be your right choice.


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