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Here comes a news about WoW' celebration! You can choose to buy wow boe gear or pay more attention to this great event at Raiditem. Blizzard are celebrating the 13th anniversary of World of Warcraft which will run through November 30th. Between now and 10:00 CET on November 30, you can log in to earn achievements and rewards associated with 13 years of WoW, and even battle a collection of classic bosses.


For most MMOs gamers, Black Friday is a day worth cheering and remembering. Nearly all game stores will catch the chance to sell their hot products. So does Blizzard.


Do you have some WoW-related questions need to be answered? Follow Raiditem and join WoW official team on Twitch.tv/Warcraft in November 16 to get the confirmation of new Antorus raid dungeon, patch 7.3.5, and any other topics.


For World of Warcraft players, the return of Battle for Azeroth not only encourages them to farm more wow gold to play the game, but also gives their inspiration to create WoW-themed art works, for example, World of Warcraft castle with LEGO brick.


In BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard Entertainment announced plans for a World of Warcraft expansion called Battle of Azeroth, a big Hearthstone update for December. But before the next expansion hit the market someday, the final WoW Legion raid is seemingly on the way.


Ladies and gentle men, welcome to the paradise for shopping everything related to World of Warcraft. In the past few months, Raiditem has tried hard to report the most valuable wow news (the content from every patch update to rumors ahead of real expansion coming), sell the hot products like wow boe gear and wow items for gameplay.


World of Warcraft has a new expansion on the way: Battle for Azeroth. For part of wow buy mounts and wow boe gear customers at Raiditem.com, it can be seen as a good place for newbies to join.


In Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the term Azeroth refers to the kingdom in most cases, and it can be implied that it is a world in only one quote. At BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard not only announced the classic server "Vanilla" Return, but talked about much about WoW's seventh expansion: Battle for Azeroth.


If you have played World of Warcraft for several years and clearly known the name "Vanilla", one of the most classic private servers in the history of WoW.


This week, BlizzCon 2017 arrives with numerous features and stories for all gamers who seek for a game crazzy festival. During the event, new expansion will be revealed for World of Warcraft, which kicks off today.


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