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Read the hitting WoW news at raiditem.com which make no effort to provide you the most objective and timely news taking place! In today's WoW eSports live stream, Jeramy McIntyre and Josh Allen sat down to talk about how eSports will be presented during 2018. There are big changes in Arena Cup play, including an increase in the number of North American and European Cups that lead to qualification for the World Cup.


World of Warcraft's seventh expansion Battle for Azeroth is on the way and will be released someday in 2018. Though Blizzard didn't leak out any specific details about world map of this expansion in BlizzCon 2017, fans are using information from trailers and behind-the-scenes footage to figure out how the game's world map will change when Battle for Azeroth arrives.


World of Warcraft has spent over ten years with us. It always keeps the fast speed to ungrade the playing content. We will roll in the wave of Battle for Azeroth and we may be lucky to see wow classic server's coming. However, in the new year, World of Warcraaft's future is seemingly unclear. For some players, it is confused whether this game deserve our money on wow gold and wow mounts. But the latest World of Warcraft mo rebuild players' confidence. Follow raiditem.com to see how could this mod influence WoW.


Dalaran is a magocratic city-state which was once located by the Lordamere Lake on the Alterac Mountains shore in the Eastern Kingdoms. We all know it can be accessed via the teleport crystal in Violet Stand, Crystalsong Forest, north of the Dragonblight. For a long time, raiditem.com focus on collecting cheap wow gold farming tips. Are there some really helpful guides to help us get Dalaran fast? Read the article and find the answer.


As you know, the teenagers are sure a fickle bunch. In most occasions, they show their great intention to predict something new or give their marks for the existed ones. Raiditem.com, as a reputable site to buy wow boost, has given fans so many lists to tell you what deserve your money in 2017. But now it's turn to another "teenager" - World of Warcraft.


Heirloom are nothing short of amazing leveling gear one can find in World of Warcraft. And it is different from every other kind of gear that is obtainable in the game. They bind to your account rather than your characters, meaning each heirloom levels as you do throughout the course of the game. If you are follow other wow gold buyers to look for useful tips to buy Heirlooms, you shouldn't miss this news raiditem.com edit today.


In Azeroth, World of Warcraft's setting, the residents don't celebrate Christmas or anything similar: they celebrate the Winter Veil. It's a yearly tradition. Last week we told that you can get six free gifts in this event. We guess most of you have get your presents during the past days from December 26 to January 1. As your trustworthy partner to offer you cheap wow items, raiditem.com never ignore special days like Winter Veil.


There is nothing special change when it comes to monks' talent in World of Warcraft. This position is a little different from other positions Raiditem has ever introduced before. We talk about the skills to kill bosses or explore raids, but we seldom give a special description of monk. If you want to be a senior player, just owing wow items or wow gold is not enough, try to understand every role and use them properly.


Blizzard Entertainment® todayannounced that World of Warcraft®, its massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has surpassed the 1.5 million subscriber mark*, underscoring the game's continued success around the world. Raiditem as top ten sellers on Google to sell wow mounts and other games' items like POE Divination Card, is now offering the latest wow news for you.


In Azeroth, World of Warcraft's setting, the residents don't celebrate Christmas or anything similar. Unlike raiditem.com where you can get wow power leveling with 5% special offers during Christmas. The game has gotten in on the holiday cheer shown in the rest of Blizzard's cadre, like Overwatch, with the Feast of Winter Veil.


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