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The BlizzConline Deep Dive panel just announced that The Burning Crusade Classic will have phases similar to World of Warcraft: Classic! They found that players liked the phase by phase progression, and so there are currently five phases and four Arena seasons planned for The Burning Crusade, starting with Karazhan and ending with the Sunwell.


Patch 9.0.5 will be released sometime in March. Shortly thereafter, 9.1 will hit the PTR.There is no projected release date yet for 9.1. Typically, for major patches within expansions, PTRs last from 4-6 weeks, but these can be both shorter and longer.


Today we mainly look at Blizzard List of New Recipes from Reputation Vendors in Classic WoW Phase 5


The WoW Classic Midsummer Fire Festival runs from June 21st through July 5th. You can earn buffs from tossing Burning Blossoms into the fire, as well as stat food and other items from quests.


Today, let's take a look at the news.The 20-player raid zone,Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj is now open in the PTR and available for testing.Content Updates,Alterac Valley Updates,Addon APIs and Authenticator Bag Slots.


New Shadowlands Dungeons and Raids Shadowlands will be initially released with 9 dungeons (4 leveling, 5 level cap) and 1 raid.


Today, we'll take a closer look at the speedrunning scene, some basics to get players started, and what top Guilds are doing!


With the start of Shadowlands datamining, we have our first look at consumables in the expansion, many of which have a throwback feel to Classic WoW such as weapon oils and sharpening stones. In this post, we will highlight notable profession recipes and throwbacks to Classic, but for a full list of recipes, you should visit our Shadowlands database:


Why does Flying Need to be Unlocked? Let's talk about the things you need to do to unlock flying in those areas where all your friends are happily riding the currents.


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