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Trial of Style Transmog holiday is now live on NA and EU realm. It will run from August 17th to August 22nd. You can choose your stylish outfits around the themes and join the competition.


Today, Trial of Style transmog holiday (August 17 -22) is opening. It it great time to show offer your best transmog and enjoy the most fashionable holiday in Azeroth. You can dress up and compete in tournament, vote on your party’s appearance and strut on the catwalk. Surely you will gain some rewards if you win the competition. Raiditem.com hope you good luck in this event.


According to Blizzard Entertainment, a series of events will come to WoW this week for August 15. The Trial of Style micro-holiday will be up for the 1st time, and you can unlock new transmog sets. You are able to complete the weekly quest to get a piece of Heroic Tomb of Sargeras gear in this week’s Legion Dungeon events. The new boss Soultakers are up and you can go to kill the boss for the hidden Artifact appearance.


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