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What New Features to Expect in Upcoming Patch 7.3

  • 2017-08-11 17:38:46
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As we mentioned before, patch 7.3 will introduce 3 new zones and  a Diablo 3-esque Rift system. The upcoming patch seems great so far. Here, raiditem provides you with latest news, information and guides as well as lowest-priced wow gears & wow gold for you. Today, we will look at what to expect in the upcoming patch.

It seems that Patch 7.3 is final major update until the next expansion is announced. For the first time, players will make an interstellar journey to the eredar homeworld of Argus, the seat of power for the Burning Legion. For an expansion that started with the forces of Azeroth crumbling under a full-scale invasion by the Legion, we finally get to take the fight to them.

Argus and your new home base, the Vindicaar

Argus Contains three sizeable zones, Argus looks like the biggest addition to World of Warcraft since Legion first launched last year. Following Kil'Jaeden's defeat in the current Tomb of Sargeras raid, Illidan uses the Sargerite Keystone to create an interdimensional rift between Azeroth and Argus. With the two planets now side by side, the forces of Azeroth launch an invasion of their own on the eredar homeworld to stop the Legion once and for all. Using the Vindicaar, a dranei spaceship, players will travel to Argus and quest through the three new zones in what Blizzard is describing as "a very story-driven update."  

Only one zone is available on the PTR right now. Simply called Argus, this zone is a seared and battered landscape that offers a breathtaking view of Azeroth from space. The three new zones won't allow you to take to the skies using your flying mounts, so instead you'll have to explore on foot.

Fortunately, the spaceship that flies you to Argus, the Vindicaar, is capable of making an elaborate network of portals to help you travel around quickly. Blizzard says they're like regular flight paths but travel happens instantly and they'll unlock as you venture deeper into each zone.

World quests and world bosses will be available on Argus, though it's not clear what other activities each zone will contain as of yet outside of the main story quests. What we do know is that the Vindicaar will be your new homebase away from Azeroth. Aboard the vessel is the Netherlight Crucible, "which allows you to upgrade your Artifact to unlock a new way to customize your Relics." How that all works isn't clear as it's not available on the PTR. Raiditem will provide you with what you need like guides, cheap wow gears and wow gold!

Invasion Points
 The game director Ion Hazzikostas said that Invasion Points are a network of Legion portals to new planets scattered all across the cosmos. Players can collect riftstones and enter Greater or Lesser Rifts to travel to new planets and help the locales defeat the Legion.

 These are just the biggest, most exciting changes coming with the trip to Argus, but there's a ton of smaller updates too, including a big update to crafting professions, a new dungeon, new legendary items, and a ton of new mounts and pets.

Hope Blizzard will reveal more info on what will coming along with patch 7.3. Raiditem.com will definitely add the latest news here as long as there is something new update. Here you can easily buy wow gold and wow mounts cheap & from raiditem. We will offer coupon if you purchase here, and you can enjoy a big discount with the coupon!

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