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Trial of Style Transmog Events is Underway

  • 2017-08-18 18:08:45
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Trial of Style Transmog holiday is now live on NA and EU realm. It will run from August 17th to August 22nd. You can choose your stylish outfits around the themes and join the competition. Here raiditem will tell you how to fast compete in the holiday.

You participate by talking to any transmog NPC (there is one in Dalaran as well inside the Enchanting house). This is a 5 man scenario. You will have two minutes to create transmog sets from within their collection based on themes within the scenario. Two players at a time will be pulled up on stage to strike a pose and show off their creation. The remaining three to vote on just who of the two has managed to capture the theme best. After voting has completed there are First Place, Second Place, and Third Place winners who gets awards.Everyone gets a token to use a currancy to buy special transmog gear that the transmog NPC sells.

Pick a theme! There are sixteen possible themes! Not sure where to start? Browse our Transmog Outfits database to see user-submitted transmogs for all of the Trial of Style themes. Or, use the Dressing Room to create your own!

Summer Styles, Winter Wear, Ready for Battle, Fun and Flirty, Mismatched Mayhem, Fire and Ice, Dark and Deadly, Faction Pride, Primal Style, Heroes of Azeroth, Make me Laugh, Tabard Time, Everyday Heroes, Epic Purple, Champions of the Light, and Freestyle!


These items can be purchased from transmogrifiers in major cities.

 Ensemble: Mana-Etched Regalia for 60: Grants the Mana-Etched Regalia appearance, and the original items drop from heroic Burning Crusade dungeons. This set is a recolor of Hallowed Raiment and loosely inspired by the Vestments of Faith silhouette.

 Ensemble: Obsidian Prowler's Garb for 60: Grants the Nightslayer Armor (Recolor) appearance, and the original items drop from Normal and Heroic Burning Crusade dungeons. This set is a recolor of the Rogue Tier 1 set Nightslayer Armor.

 Ensemble: Der'izu Armor for 60: Grants the Marshcreeper Mail (Recolor) appearance, and the original items are world drops. This set has several recolors - Marshcreeper Mail and Marshcreeper Mail (Recolor).

 Ensemble: Righteous Battleplate for 60: Grants the Righteous Armor appearance, and the original items drop from heroic Burning Crusade dungeons.

Load up the Transmog Sets in the PTR Dressing Room and save your look as an Outfit. The transmogrifiers also sell the Fashionable Undershirt for 1, which also requires the Stylish! buff for winning the competition.

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