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Patch 7.3: New Pets for Hunters to Tame

  • 2017-08-17 10:58:07
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Today, Trial of Style transmog holiday (August 17 -22) is opening. It it great time to show offer your best transmog and enjoy the most fashionable holiday in Azeroth. You can dress up and compete in tournament, vote on your party’s appearance and strut on the catwalk. Surely you will gain some rewards if you win the competition. Raiditem.com hope you good luck in this event. Besides, here is good news for hunters! There are new distinctive pets to tame roaming around the outdoors. The new pets include Mana Rays, Marsuul, Panthara, Talbuk, and Boar. Want more wow pets? Come to Raiditem.com! We sell many awesome battle pets at reasonable price.

Among them, Mana Rays and Talbuks reference Draenei culture in Burning Crusade. Marsuuls and Panthara are super cute but deadly. Below you will get detailed info on each new pet.

Mana Rays - Mana Rays are a branch of the Nether Ray family, a primal version of the species dear to the Sha'tari Skyguard. Similar to this Burning Crusade faction, Patch 7.3 has many supplemental Mana Ray mounts and battle pets to match your tames. Many of the mounts and pets can be hatched from the  Fel-Spotted Egg.

Marsuul - Marsuuls are part of the rodent/porcupine family. There are also three battle pets which match--Felclaw Marsuul, Pygmy Marsuul, Orphaned Marsuul--as well as the mischevious rare elite Feasel the Muffin Thief who is partial to Carefully Hidden Muffin.

Panthara - These fanciful cats are related to the new mount and pet on the shop: Luminous Starseeker and Twilight. Petopia reports that taming these cats currently is a bit of a secret - they shimmer away, implying that there's a trick or required item necessary to tame them.

Talbuk - Talbuks are part of the Stag family and fan-favorite mounts throughout WoW's history. Learn about the different generations of Talbuk mounts in our Argus Talbuk Preview. You'll be able to earn matching Argus talkbuk mounts mainly through the Argussian Reach faction, but also through some rare spawns and achievements.

Petopia reported that these talbuks can come with different horn variations, adding a bit of unique personality! Each type of talbuk also appears to come in several colors, giving hunters a bit of variety in which they'll want to tame.

Boars are a family of Tenacity pets in World of Warcraft. They are tamable by a Hunter starting at level 10.  14 different skins for boar pets. Undead hunters may also prefer the ghastly, eyeless Plagued Swine found in the Eastern Plaguelands. Boars are also the default starting pet for Orc Hunters.

Do you love these pets? You want to tame them? Patch 7.3 will introduce a series of new content and features that deserve your attention. You can check out the previous posts to get more info on the upcoming patch 7.3. More than that, raiditem  highly recommends you buy wow gold, wow mounts, wow pets from the top website, raiditem.com! Our team aims to provide you with wow related products at the best price and deliver you with 100% safe & fast. What are you waiting for? Select your favorite wow pet now!

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