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Patch 7.3: Upcoming Frost Death Knight Changes

  • 2017-07-17 17:58:47
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Sigma has released a new round of changes that will come to Frost Death Knights in Patch 7.3. The summary list has addressed a series of various issues, including the Talent system changes that funnel the spec with resources and general talent balance to give the spec more talent viability, and the damage buffs to move away from the overpowering Breath of Sindragosa talent, and more. We will give you a list of highlights below, and you can head on over to Blizzard official site to read the original post. In addition, raiditem is offering the widest range of wow boe gear in cheap rate. Many of them are sold at a discount price. Grasp the chance to buy WoW BOE gear now!

The upcoming changes to Frost Death Knight Changes

- All damage abilities increased by 27% (Frost Death Knight)
- Hungering Rune Weapon (L58) and Glacial Advance (L100) swapped positions
- Breath of Sindragosa damage increased by 10%
- Murderous Efficiency (L56->L57), Frozen Pulse (L57->L90), and Runic Attenuation (L90->L56) swapped positions
- Hungering Rune Weapon duration reduced to 12s (from 15s) and additionally grants 20% haste
- Bugfix: Hungering Rune Weapon correctly generates a Rune every 1.5s instead of every 1s
- Murderous Efficiency chance 50% (from 65%)
- Horn of Winter cooldown increased to 45s (from 30s)
- Koltira's Newfound Will generates 1 Rune (from 2) and now causes Obliterate to deal 10% extra damage
- Icy TalonsIcy Talons bonus increased to 15% (from 10%)
- Shattering Strikes bonus increased to 60% (from 40%)
- Freezing Fog effect down to 20% (from 30%)
- Obliteration duration increased to 10s (from 8s)

You can read the full list at the official site. We all are looking forward to good changes to Legion gameplay, and it seems that the devs are trying to make some adjustments. So hope these are good. By the way, raiditem.com is always the most reliable place for you to buy wow gold, wow mounts and raid service. We own the leading team who have over 10 years’ experience in serving wow players, and the cheap price and fast delivery are guaranteed here.

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