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Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft - Raiditem.com

  • 2017-08-10 14:05:11
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In world of Warcraft, Leveling is a significant. You can acquire a different rewards including wow gold, mounts, and wow gears. Raiditem suggests that you quest while leveling; this can help you to find out some of the lore. There are even achievements and a couple mounts you can acquire through some quests.

Quests are very repetitive, but also fun. They can get you mounts and other awards. Some players don’t like doing the quests more than once should you choose to level more than one toon.

 Remember to play the character and spec you want to play. When leveling your first character, it is really important that you taste test everything, including your characters. If you find that you like Warlocks better than Warriors, then play the Warlock. Don’t feel like you have to tank, heal, or DPS if you don’t want to.

You can level up through Dungeons as well. There are 2 different kinds of dungeons - specific queue and Random Queues.

The difference is in a random queue, you don’t know what dungeon you will get. You will also get experience, a satchel, and a few wow gold pieces.

In a specific queue, you get to choose which dungeon you want, but you don’t get a satchel or experience for doing it. Though, you will get experience and wow items & wow gold from inside the dungeon. Tanks & Healers will usually get an instant queue, so leveling them through dungeons seem to be an easy route.

We must not forget BOA gear. The majority of players do enjoy using BOA gear, while you have a minority of players who prefer to avoid it. Once you get your first level 110 character and others are aware of this, they may start pressing you to use BOA (Heirloom) gear. We would advise you to give it a shot, try it out. If you find you don’t like using it and prefer the more old fashioned leveling style, then it is okay to go through the game without it. Contrary to popular belief, BOA gear is not a must in order to progress in the game although it can be helpful.

Any other guides for leveling? You can also share with us. Come to Raiditem.com to find what you want. Huge stock of wow gold, wow mounts, wow items and wow gears are provided at raiditem.com. Cheap price and and fast delivery are guaranteed. Feel feel to check what you need.

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