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Raiditem: Night Elves Get the spotlight in WoW BFA Summer Event


This summer, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth kicked off with an explosive event: Sylvanas Windrunner, Warchief of the Horde, invaded the Night Elf lands of Darkshore and waged a genocide against the Night Elves by setting their capital city on fire. What changes do you expect to take place when it comes? Do you think whether new content take a bright future to BFA? Let's follow Raiditem.com to see some details.

World of Warcraft Classic Will Be Available in Next Summer


Good news for players expecting arrival of WoW classic server! At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard revealed that World of Warcraft Classic will be available in the summer of 2019. BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket holders will be able to try World of Warcraft Classic at home, the same demo that is playable on the BlizzCon show floor. Here are some details about its release, and you can also see more at official site.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest 2018 Is Coming - Raiditem


Halloween season is coming, you will be very happy to hear that the 2018 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Competition will officially begin on October 15th! More detailed information of the Pumpkin Contest you can learn from this article.

Some Differences on New Raids Between Horde & Alliance


We guess most of you have experienced the current new raids in Battle for Azeroth. Here Raiditem.com has confirmed that Blizzard is making some differences between the known raids and the upcoming. Surely, it will depends on whether you are Horde or Alliance. And community spectacle may be affected firstly. Buy WoW gold and read the details about this great change.

WoW Changes: New Multithread Optimizations Coming in Patch 8.1


Battle for Azeroth may be the most splendid among all previous expansions due to six new zones, 10 dungeons and new Island Expeditions. But these are not enough so that patch 8.1 is on the way. The testing has been going on for a couple of weeks already, but one feature of it went almost completely unnoticed by the community, it will likely make many players happy: New Multithreading Optimizations!

Patch 8.1 Witness Blizzard's Decision for BFA Playing Experience


Since the Battle for Azeroth was released in mid-August, it has received both possive and passive voice. Actually, bugs and issues are there and Blizzard keeps making further improvements. And patch 8.1 show some of Blizzard's sincerity. It brings the faction war back into focus and some big improvements to core systems are coming along too. With these efforts, will players come back and will they spend money to buy WoW gold for fixed content? Follow Raiditem to know what Blizzard have done in patch 8.1

20% bonus available for WoW Fans for Both Alliance and Horde!


The Horde vs Alliance rivalry continues in Battle for Azeroth and the conflict behind now get more opportunities to a head. Well, a good news for all fans fond of WoW gameplay: Popular Kronos Gold 3 Packages are now available for the Kronos 3 server by Twinster. Here raiditem.com will give you some details. We also welcome you to buy WoW gold with no risk and with fast delivery guaranteed at our site.

Warfronts Aren't Great, The Loot Is Nice | WoW Gold at Raiditem


Introduced in last week's update, Warfronts are a new feature in World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeroth expansion. They're large-scale battles reminiscent of the original Warcraft series' real-time strategy battles. As what Raiditem.com know, they're only exciting for about an hour, but luckily, WoW gold buyers look at my new horse and armor.

Are You Satisfied with Warfronts - The BFA's Most Anticipated Feature?


Players have ever thought that Warfront are one of the most important and anticipated feature. Warfronts are a 20-man, PvE, large-scale cooperative mode meant to represent the large-scale war on the homefront, as members of each faction fight for control of a location critical to their war efforts. But now the Warfronts seem less worth players' attention.

Players Get Unexpected Surprise Because WoW Gear Released Earlier


World of Warcraft's new Mythic + dungeons have been here,but here seemingly comes a problem: part of players are getting high-powered gear from them way too early. Raiditem.com has known that rewards for completing difficult Mythic+ dungeons weren't supposed to be available until next week. Now let's know the background and reasons behind that issue. We also welcome you to buy WoW gold at fast WoW gold shop!

WoW Gold Price Comparison & Best Farming Shop Recommendation


With the Battle for Azeroth's coming, World of Warcraft grabs players' attention once again! So fans put the question - how to buy cheapest WoW gold first because this classic game indeed requires a lot of money if you want to make a great achievement. Here raiditem.com collecte some WoW gold for sale data from top 5 sites. After reading this WoW gold price comparison, you are able to know where you should go.

BFA Make Lots of Achievements Though Just Launched for 10 Days


It is reported that Battle for Azeroth is regarded as the best expansion for both developers and players in World of Warcraft last decade. Different from Legion, it brings the conflict back to Warcraft's core: the Horde versus the Alliance in all-out war. So far over 3.4 million units worldwide are enjoy BFA which is alse listed the fastest-selling expansion.

Learn How to Level Up Quickly in BFA on Raiditem.com


As the biggest expansion of WoW, Battle For Azeroth absolutely swept across the whole Internet since it's released. There are so many new features in this brand new expansion. And you may find out that leveling up is more difficult than your imagination. Therefore, raiditem.com want to share a leveling guide with you. You can use this guide to upgrade quickly and get the wow mounts you fancy. Then, you may enjoy the glory to complete a noble quest.

Fast Way to Upgrade Classes Like Death Knight & Demon Hunter


This is August 14 and Blizzard has completely the launch of Battle for Azeroth globally. With the brand new content appearing, players are excited about new quest, new class and new war. Meanwhile, for part of players, it is a question about how to survive in such a different environment. Here comes class leveling guide, followed by more guides like completing certain quest and running new dungeons. As usual, we offer WoW gold cheapest with instant delivery.

BFA Launch Schedule for Different Regions & History Changes Review


Blizzard will release the World of Warcraft's new expansion: Battle for Azeroth with the next four days. It is said that BFA will launch all regions at the same time and the specific time for different countries has been leaked out. BFA's coming means that Legion will finally say goodbye to its fans. Here, let's follow raiditem.com to review some important changes in WoW's history.

Raiditem: How to Select WoW Classes in Battle for Azeroth Skillfully


Battle for Azeroth will be released for players in less than a week on August 14th. And most of us can't wait to experience everything fresh in this expansion including new quest lines, new zones and new classes. But there is one important question left: are your ready for WoW classes heading your way? Here raiditem.com has prepare a full guide for you to explore a brand new world. Besides, we also recommend you to buy WoW gear which is also a good weapon to help you.

Players Support Shoulders For Saurfang, but Hide Armor Piece


Battle for Azeroth will come soon and Blizzard has prepared something new for WoW fans. They released a brand new video to indicate Horde warrior Varok Saurfang will come to an end. Now Horde players, still enraged by Sylvanas’ actions and inspired by the unlikely duo of Saurfang and "Zappy Boi", are removing their in-game shoulder armor as a show of solidarity.

Blizzard Released Animated Short, Featuring Sylvanas Windrunner


With the total coming of August, we are so happy to give countdown to launch of Battle for Azeroth. And Blizzard recently unveiled a new animated short for World of Warcraft just ahead of the new expansion. The short features Sylvanas Windrunner as she becomes the villainess for the title. Come to know everything you should do before BFA at raiditem.com. Full stock of WoW gold and WoW gear are hot sale with big bonus at our website.

World of Warcraft Leveling System Borked, and Solutions On The Way


Recently, there is a list about top 25 RPGs of all time and we see World of Warcraft ranked the #21. From that, we know World of Warcraft is still the most influential MMORPG game. But fans now pay much attention to its leveling system after 8.0 patch was released. Follow Raiditem.com to know players' complaint and Blizzard's response. Besides, we welcome you to buy cheap wow gold at best WoW gold site.

Hotfixes Deployed to Fix Patch 8.0 Issues, New Questline Begins


With the Blizzard's more actions for fix patch 8.0, the time of World of Warcraft: Legion nearly comes to an end. The upcoming BFA will set a stage with a series of in-game events which are released by developer. As what raiditem.com has known, War of the Thrones: Chapter 1 comes alongside pre-patch.

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