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WoW Gold News

WoW Players Aren't Satisfied with Removed Portals in New Patch


With the upcoming patch giving both the Alliance and the Horde access to centralized pubs, the most recent changes does mean the removal of pre-existing portals and the accessibility change has been the fact. But it seems that some players don't satisfied with the removed portals. Read details that raiditem preare for you and come to enjoy the biggest dicounts of WoW gold buying.

WoW Portal Removal Sparks a Firestorm of Controversy in New Patch


While World of Warcraft v8.1.5 adds a lot of new content, it also is removing things from the game. In this case, many of the portals that get players around Azeroth in a timely fashion are being taken out to keep "the world having a meaningful size". However, this design decision has sparked a massive backlash with the community, with several threads topping the 5,000 response mark. Follow raiditem.com to kick off the latest news and get the fast way to buy WoW mounts at large stock.

New Story and Funny Message about Upcoming WoW Classic Server


After a long wait for WoW's official vanilla server, we finially get more news about it. Though Blizzard keep silent about its new server, fans feel so excited as the summer is coming! Follow raiditem.com to know what's new about WoW classic version. Meanwhile, welcome to buy WoW classic items to be prepare for upcoming content.

WoW Brings Players Together, Making More People Find Their Love


This year's valentine's day is just gone and hope all of you make a sweet date. And if you don't get your companion, don't feel upset because you may find your soul spouse by playing World of Warcraft. Apart from entertainment function, this game can also provide good online ways for players to meet and date with others. Here raiditem.com would like to share you a love story. Follow us and you will buy cheap WoW gold in short time. Raiditem is the best place for any player who look for safe WoW mounts and WoW gears.

WoW's Latest Hotfixes and Great Celebration for Valentine's Day 2019


Great news comes! A lot of new changes and new features arrive and wait for your exploration in World of Warcraft. And thanks to latest hotfixes, you are able to see a full list about various issues addressed in BFA. Meanwhile, raiditem.com will also take you to feel the air of Valentine's Day 2019 in World of Warcraft. What's more, you will continue to enjoy fast WoW gold for sale service at our site reliably and conveniently.

Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune Mount is to Celebrate Year of Pig


With the upcoming of Chinese New Year, fans are surprised at seeing another shop WoW mount called "Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune" in game. It is the second time that Blizzard release new put up new mount which may be for celebrating China Spring Festival. Before, WoW fans had received a dog mount for The Year of Dog. Follow Raiditem.com to know details about this mount. And you are also welcomed to buy WoW mounts at our website.

Will Method Defeat The BFA's New Raid: Battle of Dazar' Alor?


Battle of Dazar' alor also referred to as Siege of Zuldazar and Burning of Dazar'alor during BFA PTR, is the second raid in BFA and is famous to players in Patch 8.1.0. According to raiditem.com, this new raid is a bit different from other raids before. That also means, as a commen player, you may need to buy more WoW gold and other WoW items to train your skills.

Patch 8.1.5 Released on the PTR, Containing Long Awaited Features


Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft's seventh expansion, is available globally now. Do you find a safe place to farm full stock of WoW items or WoW gold for BFA? Raiditem.com knows the patch 8.1.5 is under test on PTR, containing a lot of new features including long awaited Zandalari and Kul Tiran Allied Races.

Begin New Adventures in WoW Mythic Keystone Dungeon


New Mythic Keystone dungeon Season 2 begins in WoW! There are plenty of new challenges around the corner, and of course there will be plenty of new rewards as well. In order to help you, raiditem.com will reveal the details of new changes for you today. And of course you can also get cheap WoW gold or any item such as WoW boost from our site to enhance yourself. Top services await you!

BFA PvP Season 2 Live Now, New Contents Arrive


Battle for Azeroth PvP Season 2 goes live today. It's time for all warriors to show themselves in this exciting battlefiled. Before you start a brand new journey, raiditem.com would like to share the new features and rewards that will encourage you. And if you want to empower yourself, you can always get WoW power leveling form our site at the cheapest price.

Azerite Armor Updates Come Alongside Tides of Vengeance Part 2


Tides of Vengeance will soon be live on January 22. According to Blizzard, they've made a variety of adjustments to the system which means you will experience plenty of new changes after the updates are done. Except that, new epic Azerite pieces are added that you can acquire through a variety of methods. Before you begin a brand new journey, raiditem.com will reveal the new changes about Azerite Armor. Besides, cheap WoW gold full stock at our website, get some now for your power enhancement and quick upgrade!

WoW Adds a New NPC to Pay Tribute to The Late Stan Lee


It is reported that Blizzard adds tribute to Stan Lee by making a new character in Stormwind of World of Warcraft. This lovely character is currently being tested on the game's PTR test servers. Follow raiditem.com to know this cool news and remember our comics legend together with other WoW fans. Meanwhile, we'd like to invite you to buy WoW gold and enjoying big discounts here.

Raiditem: Will BFA Be More Promissing or Get Worse in New Year?


2018 witnessed many big changes in World of Warcraft, and we finally welcomed the new expansion Battle for Azeroth. In past year, BFA has both been praised and been criticized by most of WoW fans. Do you think whether BFA will be better or not in the new year? Raiditem.com won't give you clear answers. We have collected some WoW gold buyers' opinions and to show you how players think about WoW's near future.

Raiditem New Year's Resolution: Be a Better WoW Gold Market Master


2018 has totally gone and there may be a lot of changes taken place in you gaming life. The beginning of new year is also a great time to set flags and to make some dreams come true. For raiditem.com, we have make our new year resolution: keep offering best WoW gold and WoW items, improving the most professional and praised WoW shop online. In 2018, we have witnessed lots of tweaks in WoW's content and we are confident that WoW will continue to be one of the best PC games in 2019.

Cataclysm Timewalking Event Guide On January 1


Happy New Year, WoW adventurers! New World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Events for the week of January 1st is coming. This event includes Cataclysm Timewalking, new Mythic+ affixes and more! More information about War of Warcraft you can focus on raiditem - the best buy WoW gold and WoW items seller with fast delivery and cheap price.

WoW's Potion Makes You Understand The Opposing Faction in 1h


Good news for WoW fans! According to what raiditem.com know, World of Warcraft's latest expansion Battle for Azeroth has been as one of the best PC games in 2018. That at least tell us that WoW is valuable and WoW deserves our money on WoW gold. At the end of this year, we are lucky to experience ancient potion called "Elixir of Tongues" which allows us to understand the opposing faction in chat.

WoW Potion is Introduced to Help You Understand Opposing Faction


Do you know members of the opposing faction in WoW clearly? In order to help all of us understand it, a potion is introduced in WoW's latest hotfix. Follow raiditem.com to know the details and think about why we should put down our giant axes and massive shoulder pads and give Sylvanas a timeout. Buy WoW gold at Raiditem and you can continue to enjoy big discounts we prepare for you during Christmas holiday.

Tides of Vengeance Receives New Changes | Raiditem


We know patch 8.1 has been the major content patch in WoW's current version: Battle for Azeroth. If you miss some important details, here we select some new content you need to know to help you understand the meaning of new patch Tides of Vengeance. Meanwhile, raiditem welcome you to buy WoW gold because you can get cheapest price here.

New Contents Available in WoW: Tides of Vengeance!


Tides of Vengeance will finally get launched today. All these new features will definitely surprise us all. However, based on the information raiditem.com knows, more new contents will come alongside Tides of Vengeance. And before you start a brand new journey, it's very necessary to check out what new features will come. You will find all the highlights below. In addition, don't forget to prepare enough WoW gold with you in case you may need to buy some items.

Raiditem.com Reveal Faction Assaults Details For You!


According to Blizzard, new expansion Tides of Vengeance will arrive WoW on December 12. This is so thrilling for all WoW fans who have been expected for a new journey. And raiditem.com is as thrilling as all of you. Of course there are some new features await you, and you will learn the highlights today. Besides, numerous cheap WoW gold is in stock for you on our website. You will definitely need them to complete these new challenges.

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