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Speedrunning Raids in Classic WoW

  • 2020-06-04 13:31:32
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In World of Warcraft: Classic, many players realized that raids aren't quite as difficult as they might have remembered them from 15 years ago. Thanks to the competitive scene that formed during private servers and paved the way, many Classic players that want to challenge themselves in PvE content have turned to speedrunning raids. Guilds are competing with one another in an attempt to clear raids as quickly as possible, setting insanely fast times, and even finishing raids in just over 20 minutes! 

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Back in March of 2006, Blizzard hosted a competition for World of Warcraft players, inviting anyone to join in on a speed leveling competition, first player to level 50 wins! Joana won the competition and eventually became known as Vanilla World of Warcraft's fastest leveler. During the earlier years of World of Warcraft, most "speedrunners" could compete with one another by racing through the leveling process, trying to beat one another's fastest /played time to level 60. Up until The Burning Crusade and for some time after, nobody came close to beating Joana's time of 4 days, 20 hours, 49 minutes.

Once the vanilla private server matured over many years, having players go from fresh vanilla server to fresh vanilla server, there was a shift in mentality toward Raiding. Many of the top guilds had already cleared Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj, and even Naxxramas for years, across dozens of characters and multiple servers. After clearing these raids for so many years, players began to ask themselves how quickly they can finish a raid. How fast can our raid roster blow through this content, content that we've seen every week for over a decade? And little by little, speedrunning raids became a thing. And then it grew from there, eventually making its way to World of Warcraft: Classic. By today's standards, speedrunning raids has become a guild recruitment tactic. Guilds will post their fastest clear times on social media pages, as an attempt to lure new recruits into their ranks. 

What qualifies a raid as a speedrun?
It's pretty simple, a speedrun raid is when every person in the raid is playing their character as optimally as they can, utilizing cooldowns and abilities to maximize efficiency and reduce the amount of time in between pulls and killing mobs as quickly as possible. A lot of the effort put into speedrunning a raid actually takes place before you even log into your characters. Building a raid roster and setting up your raid's composition is the first step towards success in speedrunning. And as of right now, the meta is stacking a ton of melee, in particular Rank 14 Melee, which has access to some of the best weapons in the game currently. Once a Raid roster is setup, the next step is collecting tons of raid consumables and acquiring various world buffs across Azeroth. 
1. Building a specific raid composition to complete the raid efficiently as possible
2. Having a fully world buffed raid with all necessary consumables
3. Optimize cooldowns and abilities with the intention of killing trash mobs and bosses as fast as possible
4. Taking advantage of unique strategies to reduce amount of time in the raid

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