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WoW Gold Price Comparison & Best Farming Shop Recommendation

  • 2018-08-27 17:42:04
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  • raiditem.com

With the Battle for Azeroth's coming, World of Warcraft grabs players' attention once again! So fans put the question - how to buy cheapest WoW gold first because this classic game indeed requires a lot of money if you want to make a great achievement. Here raiditem.com collecte some WoW gold for sale data from top 5 sites. After reading this WoW gold price comparison, you are able to know where you should go.

Combining the Google reseach results and best game currency data from MMOBUX, we choose the following sites as the comparison objects: Ingamedelivery; Koala Credits; Mmoga, Raiditem and Mmogah. Just look at the price comparison.

WoW Gold Price:
- Ingamedelivery.com
50k WoW Gold =$15.99, 100k WoW Gold = $31.98, 150k WoW gold = $47.97, 200k WoW gold =$63.96, 500k WoW gold = $158.30

- Raiditem.com

50k WoW Gold + Free 5k = $11.95, 100k WoW Gold + Free 10k = $23.66, 150k WoW Gold + Free 15k = $35.49, 200k WoW Gold + Free 20k = $ 47.33, 500k WoW Gold + Free 50k =$117.12

-  Koalacredits.com
50k WoW gold = $14.99, 100k WoW gold = $29.83, 150k WoW gold = $44.52, 200k WoW gold = $59.36, 500k WoW gold = $148.40
- Mmogah.com
50k WoW Gold = $10.95, 100k WoW Gold = $21.90, 150K WoW Gold =$32.85, 200k WoW Gold = 42.06, 500k WoW Gold = $119.16
- Mmoga.com
50k WoW Gold = $8.09, 100k WoW Gold = $29.60, 150k WoW Gold = $38.93, 200k WoW Gold = $31.73, 500k WoW Gold = $117.42

Gold Price Comparison:


We has collected all top 5 best WoW Gold sites for you to choose according to your real needs. Surely, when it comes WoW gold farming, the price is not the only factor that you should consider. Though we don't list other factors like order delivery, and safe guarantee as well as completed refund policy, we have found that Raiditem is the most recommended website which can meet your needs and make you satisfied all the time. By the way, Raiditem.com also offers other WoW items and WoW power leveling to help players upgrade faster. Don't hesitate to get what you want at Raiditem!

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