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BFA Make Lots of Achievements Though Just Launched for 10 Days

  • 2018-08-24 17:41:16
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It is reported that Battle for Azeroth is regarded as the best expansion for both developers and players in World of Warcraft last decade. Different from Legion, it brings the conflict back to Warcraft's core: the Horde versus the Alliance in all-out war. So far over 3.4 million units worldwide are enjoy BFA which is alse listed the fastest-selling expansion. Here raiditem.com like to discuss what places does the BFA do better than Legion. And we also like to recommend you to buy WoW gold with fast delivery and cheaper price.

Battle for Azeroth Current Achievements:
- Setting a new day-one sales record for the franchise and making it one of the fastest-selling PC games of all-time.
- Shattering sales records for the company and rocketing to the position of Warcraft's fastest-selling expansion.

Battle for Azeroth introduces a wealth of new content in addition to raising the level cap from 110 to 120. The Kul Tiras and Zandalar continents make their debut in this chapter, as well as warfronts, uncharted islands, and four new allied races for both Horde and Alliance players.

- Opens The Separate Campaigns
BFA opens with separate campaigns for Horde and Alliance players. Horde players level up during their journey. And Alliance players will experience the corrupted waters of Stormsong Valley, the pirate-ridden coves of Tiragarade Sound and the witch-filled woods of Drustvar.

- Zones and Quests May Be The Best Forever
The zones and the quests you complete within them are some of the best Blizzard has created. Even giant desert zones like Vol’dun seem to feel alive where thematically appropriate. And the quest lines within them are well placed and interesting to complete.

The World Quests are often altered versions of the leveling quests in Battle for Azeroth, but none are so consuming that it feels like you spend all your time in one place. Instead, running around the map, full-clearing the world of World Quests feels relaxing and rewarding.

The New Island Expeditions Bring Random Runs
The games' new Island Expeditions bring random runs to World of Warcraft. Each island is a small, mildly randomized map filled with quests to complete and enemies to slay. Each time you do either, a meter ticks up.

For those more interested in discovering new chapters of lore for the game, Battle for Azeroth explores pivotal moments for both the Alliance and the Horde, as they both race to claim resources through Island Expeditions, unlock devastating new power with the Heart of Azeroth artifact, and see partnerships and old alliances torn asunder.

Battle for Azeroth is currently available for "World of Warcraft" members to purchase on PC, with the Standard Edition running $49.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition runs $69.99. Come to buy safe WoW gold at raiditem as our team is the best friend to meet your needs and give you the satisfying service. Stay tuned on best WoW mounts shop to get daily deal for hot Battle for Azeroth mount like Great Say Ray and Reins of a Tamed Bloodfeaster.

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