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Three Sisters: New Comic Comes out in Battle for Azeroth

  • 2018-06-06 18:04:20
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Recently, raiditem.com has confirmed that the final prequel comic for the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth expansion has been released. Called "Three Sisters", It focuses on the Windrunner sisters and the aftermath of their stories in Legion, with Sylvanas' part of the comic being of particular interest as her character is pivotal to the events that "spark" the upcoming faction conflict. Come to raiditem to buy WoW mounts with special surprise.

Along with sneak peeks of the comic, Blizzard also held a Q&A with Christie Golden, Steve Danuser, and Andrew Robinson. After returning home to Azeroth, Alleria Windrunner calls upon her estranged siblings—Sylvanas, the warchief of the Horde, and Vereesa, ranger-general of the Silver Covenant—to join her in a quest to retake their ancestral home, Windrunner Spire, from the undead who have overrun the place.

On their journey, the three sisters will navigate both the dangers of the present and the ghosts of the past to discover if time and tragedy have divided them irrevocably—or if, despite everything, they are still a family.

And here are some brief clues you should know about this prequel comic.

- The comic will depict the reunion between the Windrunner sisters and the necklaces will play an important role.
- There is still unresolved tension as Vereesa initially planned to join Sylvanas in the novel War Crimes, but decided she could not abandon her family at the last minute.
- Alleria and Sylvanas, while on opposite sides, have some things in common such as leading a group of unwanted exiles.
- This comic is about recognizing that the sisters have a lot in common and is that enough to keep them together.

Blizzard has also give the other two comics called: "Reunion" -Jaina Proudmoore and "The Speaker" -Magni Bronzebeard. If you want to know deatils about these comics, just come to WoWhead for reading related description.  Dear friend, how do you think of BFA's every new change? Want to get WoW cheap gold and WoW  mounts in safe way online? Don't miss the big discounts on raiditem where we will give you time-limited offers frequently. Catch the chance to improve your levels in game now!

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