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Will Private Servers Get Chance from Silence of WoW Classic

  • 2018-06-01 16:50:44
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Since we heard of WoW classic news in BlizzCon 2017, we have spent a long time during which news about this officially-made server is leaked out seldom though the related forum is always active. Raiditem previously reported that despite Blizzard announcing WoW Classic, fans are still demanding to know when it will come out. At present, just buy WoW items and have fun with latest version.

In the past years, Blizzard gradually shut down some fan-made servers, but we don't know whether Vanilla is better than those private servers. Some private servers have popped up despite the announcement. This could force Blizzard to flex its legal muscle to bring down these rogue servers, and it could ultimately delay WoW Classic if more of these private servers surface.

Look at the WoW Classic forums' topics, you will find that the most popular issue is an interview with Blizzard's J. Allan Brack back in last year. "We think we have a way to run the Classic servers on the modern technical infrastructure…one of the tenets of classic WoW is none of the cross-server realms and different [server] sharding options that we have available to us today. There's a lot of desire on part of the community that this is something that they don't want.”

What Can Light's Hope Do for Players Enjoying Private Servers?
Light's Hope recently announced that they would launch a new PvP server, Northdale, on June 23. While we understand that Blizzard may not want to divulge such information to the public when the game is clearly not ready, the radio silence could drive potSential WoW Classic players to play on private servers. This could increase the prestige and value of these servers. While Blizzard showed a willingness to work with the Nostalrius team, it may not be the same story the second time around.

Hopefully, in the months leading up to Battle For Azeroth, we get some news about WoW Classic. Even a teaser would be great; this could help keep fans hopeful for the game instead of being completely in the dark about it. If you are interested in WoW Classic server, you can look through the former news on raiditem. Also, we prepare a huge stock of WoW power leveling with lowest price. Get big discounts at best WoW gear site - Raiditem. You deserve 100% professional service!

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