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Raiditem: Battle for Azeroth Classes Changes and Hunter Pet Revamp

  • 2018-02-11 18:25:05
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Battle for Azeroth Alpha is underway, and we can see somewhat scaled down system with fewer class and party buffs. It will comes many class changes. Also, the changes will come to Hunter pet specializations and base abilities. More significant changes and features in Battle for Azeroth will be updated in the future posts, keep an eye on raiditem.com! Now is time to choose the WoW power leveling service to unlock Allied races for Battle for Azeroth at raiditem.com!

Regarding Classes changes in Battle for Azeroth Alpha.

In the Alpha, only 5 classes have raid-wide buff. 
Mages get Arcane Intellect giving 10% Intellect to all party/raid members. 
Priests get Power Word: Fortitude, giving 10% Stamina. 
Warriors get Battle Shout, which buffs all allies within 100 yards with 10% Strength and Agility.  Rogues now get Expose Armor, increasing physical damage taken by the target by 5% for one minute.
Demon Hunters get Chaos Brand, which makes the target take 5% extra magic damage for one minute.
In Battle for Azeroth, the hunter pet will be different from the base hunter pet specialization in Legion. Each Hunter pet family will have a single specialization. any beast from that family will have that specialization and you won't be able to change it. Each specialization has unique abilities:

 Predator's Thirst - You and your pet gain 3% Leech.
 Primal Rage - Increases haste by 30% for all party and raid members for 40 sec. Allies receiving this effect will become Sated and unable to benefit from Primal Rage or similar effects again for 10 min.

 Endurance Training - You and your pet gain 10% increased maximum health.
 Survival of the Fittest - Reduces all damage you and your pet take by 20% for 6 sec.

 Pathfinding - You and your pet gain 8% increased movement speed.
 Master's Call - Your pet removes all root and movement impairing effects from itself and its target, and grants immunity to all such effects for 4 sec."

Besides those exclusive abilities, all pets receive Dash and Growl. Each individual pet family also received changes, adding more abilities to families that lacked those. All families now have one basic attack and one special. Some have bonus abilities.  

Besides, there are some notable changes. Pet like Moth have changed from Ferocity Cunning. And also, the player-favorite family Spirit Beast have been changed from Ferocity to Tenacity. Please keep in mind that the changes are not the final version, but likely part of utility balancing in the upcoming expansion. Stay tuned on Raiditem.com to get the latest info on Battle for Azeroth. Meanwhile, we are providing you with a wide range of WoW items. BfA is on the way, so it is the best time to buy WoW gold and WoW mounts to enjoy Legion. WoW gold in large stock awaits you!

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