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Orcs Have Hope to Return and Continue Glory in Battle For Azeroth

  • 2018-02-09 18:06:57
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As all fans of raiditem.com know, the orcs are one of the most prolific races on Azeroth. Originally hailing from the harsh, alien world of Draenor. According to the latest news, more orcs are being added to World of Warcraft in Battle for Azeroth and WoW raid carry buyers may see them later. World of Warcraft's game director, Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that the Draenor Orcs would eventually come to the game.

Orcs are divided into clans. Each clan has a different culture, tradition or behavior which sets them apart from the other clans and often also gives them their name. The Warsong clan for example is named because of the rhythmic songs they chant in battle, while the Shattered Hand clan is named for the tradition of their warriors to cut of their own hand and replace it with a weapon. Gamers will be glad to cheer for the returning of more classic orcs.

"Once Battle for Azeroth releases, after you're leveling to 120, going to new lands, you'll be able to begin working on the requirements to unlock future Allied Races such as the Dark Iron Dwarves or the Orcs from Draenor that we've hinted at," Hazzikostas said.

The main difference in these Orcs versus the ones players have had access to for years is the color of their skin. Draenor Orcs are brown, whereas player Orcs are green. This new color of Orc has been a highly requested feature for WoW, years before the Allied Race system was even announced.

Warcraft veterans know that all Orcs, even our green-skinned ones, used to be brown. The Orcs that currently live on Azeroth, the planet that the "World" in World of Warcraft refers to, are actually aliens from another planet, Draenor.

In WoW's fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor, players traveled back in time to a different timeline and befriended the Draenor Orcs before they were corrupted. Players helped push the demons away from Draenor, saving that timeline from the same fate as ours. These alternate timeline Orcs are still out there, and it seems that players may soon be venturing to bring them to Azeroth.

Brown-skinned Orcs have a lot of lore significance to players. Not only are they aesthetically distinct from the Orcs we have now, they represent a group of Orcs who fought the good fight, rather than playing the villains in the old Warcraft RTS games.

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