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Many gamers complain a lot about professions of time gating in Warlords. Are you one of them? In the latest patch 6.1 PTR builds released on the official site, Blizzard has made some changes to rectify this. At this website, you are able to find it easy for you get challenge mode mounts, for all of the WoW gears are sold at discount prices. It is very convenient to buy WoW items you need!


More great news about WoW patch 6.1, Chauffered Chopper Heirloom Mount is coming. With heirlooms you can deck your alts out in great gear and make the leveling process a lot easier. But what about getting around? Your mounts may be shared across all of your characters, but you still can't ride those mounts when you get started -- which leaves your new alt stuck running around the world. This is the best site for you to buy WoW items.


Blizzard just teased this new mount on the official @Warcraft Twitter account without much of a hint, “Here, Kitty Kitty...” check the picture below! This professional site is a perfect site for you buy WoW mounts. It is wise of you to buy WoW items here, for you will enjoy better prices and reliable delivery!


World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 PTR has been released recently. There are many changes and new features we have mentioned in the previous articles. Among these changes, one thing you should notice is that patch 6.1 will not bring back Flying Mounts.We are offering you a wide range of WoW gears with reliable delivery!


We guess many World of Warcraft players are expecting for exciting changes and features brought by Patch 6.1. As we already know, patch 6.1 finally introduced the updated Blood Elf models which are last races in the game to receive its updated textures and animation. It is easier and safer for you to buy WoW gears here.


Battle.net released World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor patch 6.1 PTR, some changes and features have been unveiled. Players should notice that this is not the final version. Changes on many aspects including classes, garrisons, professions, items are coming in future patch, do you expect for themThis is the best selling WoW gears online!


If you’ve played World of Dreanor, you might have a maxed out level 100 character. And now, a dedicated player named Watola did something surprising. He gets 100 characters at level 100. You can considering to buy challenge mode gold carry from this site. We offer you the latest information about WoW as well as a wide range of WoW gears at exclusively discount prices!

  Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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