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March is coming to an end. Blizzard releases a handful of world events and special occurrences coming up in April, 2015. This month and season, some unique, time-limited content and opportunities were brought into World of Warcraft. As a WoW player, you have to focus on every update from Blizzard and expect for events.


In last article, we have reported Blizzard released the new round hotfixes for Patch 6.1.2, which inlcuides summoned bosses and the Blackrock Foundary’s Iron Maidens being provided. Head over our webpage for more information! Today, we are going to introduce you the WoW Blackrock Foundry Guide for Operator Thogar. And you can also choose to buy WoW items here to help you accomplish challenges.


Battle.net released the new round of patch 6.1.2 hotfixes on March 27 since Patch 6.1.2 was available on March 23. The issues including Garrisons, Followers, Outposts, and Legendary Ring Quest Line have been fixed. And Garona can correctly eliminate a target now.


Blizzard releases the WoW Blackrock Foundry Raid scheduel in February, 2015. Now It’s time to take the assault against the Iron Horde to the next level in new Raid content. To help you plan your attack, we’ve broken down the unlock schedule for Blackrock Foundry and the third Draenor world boss – Rukhmar. Are you ready? If you want WoW items to help you accomplish the challenges, choose the disocunt ones from this reliable site!


Do you think Elves, Pandas, and Minotaurs in the China mobile game Soul Clash rip of World of Warcraft? If you are a WoW player, you may found out there are many things similar. Now Blizzard Entertainment is taking legal action against a Chinese mobile game for allegedly copying characters and settings from its famed Warcraft franchise. Those who want to buy WoW items can browse through our website to purchase what you need!


Days ago, we reported that Blzzard Entertianment announced the release of in-game tokens. Players can spend real money to buy Gold or use gold to pay for subscription. Although it has pros and cons, the advantages overweigh the drawbacks. So many players are expecting for the arrival of the WoW tokens. The World of Warcraft Token is scheduled to become available in the weeks following the 6.1.2 patch. That patch is scheduled to release on March 24.


If you used portal to get to outland before, now you need to find another way to get to Outland, because of lauch of WoD the Dark Portal from Blasted lands was released.The Draenor portal is up and we have to find a way to Outland. We are going to give you some guides at this site of selling WoW items.

  Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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