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In World of Warcraft , many players are eager to explore new areas. Today we suggest you get into a hidden zone. Around the northern shores of the Eastern Kingdoms lies a zone we can see on Azeroth’s map, but compared to all the other zones, it’s unmarked, not part of the game and accessible only through tricky ways.


Legion will introduce many exciting new features and wow items in the future. That’s why many gamers are expected to enjoy the further World of Warcraft Legion. According to the recent report, Blizzard Entertainment-produced game will already have an artifact weapon system. The Report revealed that players will already have the power to customize their weapons according to their class and spec.


According to the battle.net, on September, Pet Battle experience gains are increased by +200%. It’s time to team up your mighty minions and test them on the field of battle! Players should take a note and don’t miss it! At the same time, buy WoW items from the best website!


According to the report, certain classes and professions included in the game's newest version will get some make-over. The Senior Game Designer for "World of Warcraft revealed some details about Legion Class during Dragoncon. Read on if you are interested.


Blizzard released a new round of Patch 6.2.2a hotfixes on September 21 after a series of features and changes introduced. Except for the long awaited nerf to the health pools of Drained Blood Crystals. With their hp dropped by 90%, starting the Remnant of the Blood Moon event in the Tanaan Jungle will be a lot more manageable than before. The Archimonde raid got easier on Raid Difficulty and some some bugs that affected flying were addressed as well.


According to previous post, the World of Warcraft festival Brewfest goes live from September to October 5. This special event allows player earn array of new wow items for their characters. If you want to know more detailed information about WoW, please head on over to the official website! Path of Exile currency is provided at discount prices!


September is coming to an end, there are many festivities celebrations, and heated PvP. Except for in-game events like Darkmoon Faire Returns, Pirates’ Day, Brewfest, and Harvest Festival are coming. Players can have fun at these events. Read the detailed time of the events and prepare well for each of them.

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