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As we reported previously, WoW patch 6.2 has introduced Final Raid, Timewalking Dungeons, Bug Fixes, and more features. Today, we are here to give you more information about patch content. For those who haven’t experience it and still follow us, read the article carefully and get yourself prepared well for upcoming changes.


On this Tuesday, Blizzard Entertainment announced that Warlords PvP season 2 starts. The champions of the Alliance and Horde factions are being called to represent them and battle among the best of the best to achieve victory. Just prepare for these adjustment Blizzard has made. By the way, you can buy WoW items with instant delivery from this reliable website!


July is coming! What events will coming in this month? Blizzard released the schedule for the upcoming events including Apexis Crystal bonus weekend, the Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking Dungeons bonus weekend and the Fireworks Over Azeroth in-game event. According the official site, the events will start Friday, with the Apexis Crystal bonus weekend. And last until July 27. If you want to have enjoy these events, read the details below and prepare yourself for them!


Blizzard updated the new round of Patch 6.2 hotfixes on June 30. It includes some bugs fixes , classes, Dungeons and Raids, Garrison, Creatures and NPCs and some WoW items and so on. These contain information on several issues that have been resolved in the game, such as the Savage Whale Shark, Timewalking and Items issues. If you you want to read the detailed note list , read on the original post from the official site.


World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 has has introduced a set of pretty drastic changes. Leading the charge is the ability to take up your flying mounts and soar through the lands of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, a zone previously limited to on-foot encounters. As for the Itemization Quality & Chance Hotfixes issue, the community manager Bashiok responded on the official website that the developer team will make a few changes in time for the new raid week.


Many new areas and zones were introduced as Patch 6.2 arrived. Today, we are going to give you some guide for how to farm oil which is a new currency need for out Garrisons shipyard. You will need this oil for shipyard and naval mission. Read the details below to get some useful suggestions. What’s more, you can easily buy WoW items with fast delivery here!


What we would like to introduce for today is about the slave pens for Timewalking in world of warcraft, and if you want to buy wow items or wow gears, feel free to check on our website.

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