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WoW patch 6.1 just has arrived. This major patch has brought many exciting features and improvements to Warlords of Draenor, such as new Blood Elf models, Heirloom collection tab, Twitter integration, and some improvement to how Garrisons function. Among those important changes, there are several one are really coolest. If you are looking for somewhere to buy WoW items, our site is your second-to-none choice!


Today, February 24th, WoW 6.1 has just arrived, and it adds new features and addresses issues. This is a great time for those World of Warcraft fans, and gamers have been expecting for what Blizzard intends to give with this patch. If you want to know detailed information, please head over to the official site to read the full note. Additionally, you are able to buy WoW items with suitable prices!


World of Warcraft patch 6.1 is going live later, and the feature coming to this patch is it allowing users use Twitters while playing World of Warcraft. You can send out text-only Tweets; easily take, crop, and Tweet out in-game screenshots; and let your friends know about your recent accomplishments.


WoW patch 6.1 has many new features and changes, and Blizzard continues offer enhancements in the 6.1 update. The update will bring back anti-aliasing of the MSAA and SSAA variety and textures will all look considerably more detailed thanks to Nvidia’s HBAO+. Here, this is the best wow gold site which not only provides you with the latest news, but also cheap and safe WoW BOE items!


According to Blizzard, the WoW’s charity pet, Argi, raised more than $ 1.9 million for in donation for Eblola relief in Africa over the holiday. We have mentioned early that World of Warcraft will donate 100% of adoption fee to American Red Cross to support ongoing Ebola relief efforts in Africa. At our website, buying cheap WoW gold is easier and faster! Our team is professional in offering WoW BOE items at suitable prices with fast delivery!


Blizzard has released another round of patch 6.0.3. It has new information on several issues that have been resolved including those that affect the game's classes, items, raids, dungeons, scenarios, battlegrounds and arenas. This list of hotfixes includes the information about Information about the Beastlord Darmac and the Frostwolf Fishing Journal.


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