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What Can You Expect in World Of Warcraft Classic

  • 2019-05-28 18:38:10
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Fans have been requesting Classic World of Warcraft for years now, but many people who play WoW today did not experience the game in 2004 and may be in for a bit of a shock with how different the experience was in its early launch. is the best WoW gold site and would like to offer detailed information to you.

Leveling In Classic
leveling up will feel drastically slower than it does today for a number of reasons. First, there is no account-wide, experience-boosting, stat-scaling Heirloom gear. In addition, you need to move quickly, or at least not stay in one spot for too long.

Quests are going to feel slower as well. Because combat will take longer, but also because by default there is no built-in Quest Helper like what exists in the game today. As you level up, you will need to return to your class trainer and pay to purchase higher, more powerful ranks of your spells.

Classes And Talents
Death Knights, Monks, and Demon Hunters do not exist as player classes in Classic, while Paladins can only be used by the Alliance and Shamans only by the Horde. In Classic, all Warlocks will feel almost identical across the different talent trees in the early stages, regardless if they are putting points into Affliction, Demonology, or Destruction. This will be true until about level 40 at least.

If you are playing a Fury or Arms Warrior while questing, but a guildmate or friend asks you to Tank for them, and believe me, they will, you will reach a point where you simply cannot afford to do so because of the gradually-increasing gold cost to reset talents. But it was common to see people respond to Looking For Group spams in the chat with "I'll Heal/Tank if you pay my respec cost." We will probably see that again. Do not be offended if you see tanks and healers saying this if you ask for their help in dungeons, otherwise, you would be asking them to pay their own gold in order to help you.

No Mounts, Get Your Steps In
Mount training is available at level 40, and Epic Mount training at level 60. Both are expensive. It is a “free” mount after spending a large amount of gold on specific items that you need to complete a long quest chain that will take a lot of time and make you travel all around the world.

From the moment you begin playing, you should aim to have 40 gold saved up for that initial mount and its training. Another terrible feelings in the game was hitting level 40 and not having enough gold to train, so you would be forced to keep on jogging everywhere.

The leveling process in Classic will definitely feel slower than it does today, but that is a feature, not a bug. If a player gets into Classic with the goal of enjoying the World of Warcraft, they will have a great time from the moment they set foot into this time machine that goes live in late August. If you are still looking for a reliable website to buy cheap and safe WoW classic gold, then our site will meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about us!

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