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Raiditem: New Recipes for Patch 8.1, Details & Guides You Shold Know

  • 2018-12-07 18:12:48
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Battle for Azeroth introduces some new recipes in Patch 8.1! This patch include so many fresh and attractive features. If you are loyal fans of WoW, and expect new adventures, then come to raiditem.com and read whatever we prepare for you. You are sure to buy WoW gold and get effective guides for all new details.

New Materials:
Two new materials have been added for professions:  Tidalcore and  Breath of Bwonsamdi. Similar to  Hydrocore and  Sanguicell, they are used to craft new Epic quality profession gear coming with Patch 8.1. The older reagents, such as Sanguicell, can be obtained through new transmutes from all professions.

 - Tidalcore: Obtained from bosses when running Heroic and Mythic level dungeons in BfA and used for crafting new epic 385 item level profession gear.

-  Breath of Bwonsamdi: Obtained from bosses in the new raid Battle for Dazar'alor and used for crafting new epic 400 and 415 item level profession gear.

Special Note: The Battle of Dazar'alor raid will not be immediately available with the release of Patch 8.1, so Breath of Bwonsamdi will not be obtainable right away. The raid will release in January 2019.

Notable Recipes:
- There is a new set of crafted gear at ilvl 385, 400, and 415, including Engineering Goggles and Jewelcrafting Rings. These items are BoP and also require you to have the profession to equip them.

- Most notable for Alchemy is new, higher item level Alchemist Stones and a new transmute for turning excess herbs into  Anchor Weed. The  Potion of the Unveiling Eye also increases stealth detection.

- Chefs can craft  Honey Potpie to slow attacker's movement speed, a new series of +Stamina food,  Boralus Blood - Sausage as primary stat food, and  Sanguinated Feast as an alternate raid feast.

- Enchanters can create  Expulsom, a battle pet  Enchanted Tiki Mask, and new ways to convert reagents ( Veiled Shatter,  Veiled Shatter).

- Scribes can craft  Contract: 7th Legion and  Contract: The Honorbound--good news for those who need reputation!

- Engineers can craft  Unstable Temporal Time Shifter, an unreliable battle Rez, and purchase the recipe for the mechanical spider  Mechantula from the Gnomeregan Battle Pet Dungeon.

- Scribes also have two fun Water Elemental cosmetic glyphs for Mages - Glyph of Storm's Wake for light blue, and  Glyph of the Tides for dark blue.

Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 is currently live on the Public Test Realm (PTR) and will be released on the live servers next week. Ahead of this release, we hope you can buy cheap WoW gold at raiditem.com and improve your skills by learning out daily guides for WoW gear farming or Game Playing. We are sure there will be much pleasure when it finally comes!

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