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WOW v7.3 Contains New Caster Animations Except for Warlocks

  • 2017-08-17 17:43:50
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Up to now, World of Warcraft has gone through many updates. And as the current edition gradually narrows down its market, we come to put our more emphasis on patch 7.3. Once the WoW finishes its latest update,  caster characters of all races will be getting a whole new look...well, except for Warlocks for the time being. As your best sites to buy wow gold. Raiditem will take you to look at some details about it.

The community site has been updated with a couple of neat videos showing off the new animations as well as providing some developer insight into the hows and whys of the changes. For the angle of server users or gamers, such tweaks still make sense. At least there will be parts of people full of expectation for the next patch. Of course, they may like to buy wow gold cheap from the most reliable place like Raiditem.com.

All Priest and Mage specs will be updated as well as both Restoration and Elemental Shamans and a few tweaks to Restoration Druids. Other classes (poor 'Locks...) and specs will be updated over time but not in time for v7.3.

Players can look for big improvements in "caster ready", "hand casting" and in the spell effects themselves. From what we've seen, however, there still is no casting animation while holding a weapon or staff. Hopefully that will also be something coming down the road.

The caster animations are a nice addition to the revamped melee animations that were added earlier this year.

That's all the content about the v7.3. Welcome to leave you opinions about it after reading this article. Also, please feel free to contact us when you have any question on wow gold buying. We promise that we will try our best to solve your problems. Have a greart time and hope you have something to learn from our daily sharing.

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