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Raiditem: WoW Turned Its Owned Auction Houses into Discos!

  • 2017-07-24 18:11:01
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Have you ever imagined that Auction House become a fantastic place in which you enjoy some benefits? Blizzard made houses of free commerce a place to free your inhibitions during a new 'micro-holiday.' There's a nearly naked night elf gyrating on the auction podium. Raiditem got a confirmation that most wow players  have made their schedules adapt to the event calendar. Don't forget to mark down wow gold info at the same time.

The news about the Auction House Dance Party in World of Warcraft came several days ago, and we choose to report some details of it to help you understand it clearly. So don't  be afraid of missing something important. What's more, huge stock of wow power leveling is offered on Raiditem. Big bonus awaits you!

Blizzard now does randomly throughout the year to enliven the quality of virtual life. And the two most frequently used auction houses in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, areas usually reserved for in-game trades, have been changed into impromptu discos complete with glittering disco balls and custom music.

Walk in, and you have no choice. You have to dance. The beat grabs you, and your character immediately start dancing. And the beat goes on, in a way. Dance a little, and you'll get a three-day buff that randomly makes you dance out of combat, all while slowly restoring your health and mana. This kind of event's never been done before, and it'll be gone for a year tomorrow.

Don't feel confused that there is no poiint. Before the event, you may know a little about Moon Guard. What's that? It's the server with the notorious Goldshire Inn where both locals and tourists from other servers crowd at all hours of the night to engage in sex acts awkwardly acted out by the limited animations Blizzard provides. At the very minimum, you see dozens of players stripping off their armor there and dancing on tables in their undies.

Previously, Blizzard had claimed that it was going to start policing that stuff. Obviously, we can gues that the plan has been abandoned in a way. At least at present, you see there is no other server embracing World of Warcraft in all its silliness. And that's all the content that we want to share with you. If you are interested in more wow news or just want to buy wow gold safe, welcome to Raiditem. Here you are sure to get the best service with low price. If you have any question during buying wow boost, feel free to contact us too!

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