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Felmyst:Burning Crusade’Private Server Shut Down Notice!

  • 2017-07-24 18:31:19
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The fan-run servers seems a complicated and unacceptable topics for Blizzard that will be on a warpath. Well, Blizzard have just get connected with the legacy World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade server  Felmyst. Such a small server can meet some fans needs and help then recall the classic version of WoW. Though fnas may feel disappointed, the server has been taken down. But don't feel you are lossing something because you still can buy wow items for gameplay on many majoy servers.

Accordingly, the owner, who goes by Gummy, has left his own note with thoughts on the process on the official Felmyst site. Of course, those fans who support for the server won't get thrilled about this turn of events. As a best place to buy wow gold, Raiditem has searched a series of details about the event. If you are interested in anything about it, read on!

Why Felmyst Exist?
First, it's important to know why players are willing to put world of warcraft into Felmyst. The server was created in an attempt to preserve legacy content from the expansion The Burning Crusade, rolling back to the first launch of said expansion. Felmyst was going to attempt to offer an experience as authentic as is possible for players looking to play the expansion the way you would have been able to when it first released. It's been a decade since its debut, so it's been quite some time since WoW fans were able to experience the challenge and intriguing differences between the game now and back then.

Though pretty number of legacy players has missed some episodes in the primary content which has changed a lot after so many years, Blizzard seemingly  hasn't done well to provide fans any way to back to the those days. Without any excellent legacy servers of Blizzard, Felmyst can be seen the closest  thing to help the players accompany their dreams.

Anyway, Felmyst is a bold and good try for Gummy to explore more possibility in WoW. Some fans has claimed that they hope there will be some sort of support coming in the future. After all, World of Warcraft has great influence on gaming.

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