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Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes for July 12, ToS Changes, BTT Lockout and More

  • 2017-07-13 12:13:49
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According to the latest hotfixes released by Blizzard on July 12, some fixes will be made to Tomb of Sargeras raid encounters, and Black Temple Raid lockout is in. Besides, we get a few more pvp class tweaks in this round of hotfixes. Black Temple Timewalking runs from July 11th through 18th, and you can find all the related items at raiditem including Warlagive Transmogfication, Tier 6, cool weapons and pets. The estimated time of Arrival will be 1-2 days, so players, select Black Temple Temwalkking items now!

Here is the original post for patch 7.2.5 hotfixes for July 12.  
“Bonus Event

[With realm restarts in each region] Players who have obtained different raid lockouts are now able to group together and queue for Black Temple Timewalking.

Dungeons and Raids
The Tomb of Sargeras
World Quest - Dresanoth is no longer invisible and can be engaged while his World Quest is active.
Mistress Sassz'ine - Fixed a bug that caused the loot window to prematurely close itself.
Sisters of the Moon - Moontalon is now spawned less often on all difficulties.
Fallen Avatar - Frost Mages’ Comet StormComet Storm should no longer fail to deal full damage when cast on Fallen Avatar.
Kil’jaeden - Wailing Reflections created from Guardian Druids will no longer dual wield.

Player versus Player
Frost - Fixed a bug where Comet StormComet Storm would not work when cast on players.

Restoration - PurgePurge’s mana cost has been reduced by 20%.

The Wyrmtongue Disguise from Lingering Wyrmtongue EssenceLingering Wyrmtongue Essence should no longer break when leaving combat.”

Additionally, you can head on over to the WoW official site to view the previous hotfixes if you are interested. Regarding to the new challenges, you may need to browse through raiditem.com to check the cheapest wow gold, wow mounts and best wow gears sale. Hope you can enjoy completing all the questing and getting the awesome rewards.

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