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Retribution Paladin Artifact Hidden Appearance Unlock - Corrupted Ashbringer

Retribution Paladin Artifact Hidden Appearance Unlock - Corrupted Ashbringer

1. Unlocks the Corrupted Remembrance appearance for Ashbringer.
2. You need to provide your account. 
3. Your character's level should be 110.
4. Requires at least Artifact Knowledge Level 6.
5. ETA: 1-3 Weeks. 

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Blizzard added Artifact system in Legion. Each class and spec have its Artifact. The known four kinds of Artifact appearances and tint already displayed in the interface, but the other two hidden Artifact weapon appearancesneed players to discover and unlock.
One of the known hidden Artifact weapon appearances is classic weapon model in old World of Warcraft, such as Ashbringer to Retribution PaladinArcanite Reaper to Arms Warrior, and Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker to Outlaw Rogue. These weapons have been a favorite for players who missed Naxxramas in the 60s, also are all of the good memories.
The methods to unlock hidden Artifact appearance are different for different classes and spec, some need to purchase with reputation, some require proprietary class Hall skills, some demand a certain Artifact knowledge level, some ask completion of Withered Army Training. Overall, you can unlock the hidden Artifact appearance as long as to reach the corresponding conditions.
After acquiring hidden Artifact appearance, you can unlock another three tint of hidden Artifact appearance by completing World Quests, Boss kills in Dungeons, and PvP using a hidden Artifact appearance.
For the last hidden Artifact model, players will slowly uncover its mysterious veil and display outward with their hard work. Then what the surprise will be to us?

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