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Warcraft Progression Experience Will Be Rebuilt in Classic Server


When Blizzard announced that it would build classic servers in World of Warcraft, there were a lot of questions about how the company would roll that content out to players. Now, the company has answered them — and the resulting announcement looks very strong if you want to experience classic WoW in all its glory. Follow raiditem.com where you will enjoy the 100% professional service for your WoW gold buying.

New 8.1.5 Patch Finally Comes Out, Try New Allied Races Now!


The new 8.1.5 patch is finally out, adding quite a few things – chiefly two new Allied Races: the dummy thicc Kul Tiran humans and the good-postured Zandalari trolls. Featured above, you can view a new overview trailer for the update on WoW's official forum. Raiditem offers you best WoW gold for sale service for both newbiews and old friends. Enjoy BFA new patch and get much fun!

World of Warcraft Classic: Blizzard Has Expanded Four Phases to Six


Fans has shown great interest on the return of World of Warcraft Classic as most of them still remember the good old days before Azeroth had Void Elves, Nightborne, and Tauren walking around. Luckily, official Classic server will come this summer and Blizzard has expanded the four phases built to six after they listen to a lot of feedback from players. Raiditem has collected the new info abour additional phases and we would like to share you with cheap WoW gold as well. Read on!

New Raid, Campaign Mounts & Other Highlights are Available in v8.1.5


Patch 8.1.5 is the first minor content patch of Battle for Azeroth, first announced at BlizzCon 2018. The WoW content patch following Tides of Vengeance in Battle for Azeroth. Raiditem.com has concluded the following features for WoW gold buyers to approach new patch.

WoW Brawler's Guild is Coming with Some New Faces in Patch 8.1.5


The Brawler's Guild is an organization that arranges one on one battles between willing combatants, captured monsters, and other participants in gladiatorial combat. With the coming of Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1.5, the new bosses has been leaked out on a post by Blizzard. Follow raiditem.com to take a look at Brawler's Guild, and get cheap WoW gold at fast speed to unlock more skills.

WoW Players Will Wear Darkly-seized Fishing Helmets in Patch 8.1.5


There are only six days left before the arrival of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1.5. Raiditem.com has introduced some details about this update and there is only one thing to know: you will soon be wearing darkly-seized fishing helmets. If you are still looking for best website to buy WoW gold, then just choose raiditem.

Bugs in WoW Classic Demo Are Not Bugs, But Intentional Mechanics


World of Warcraft classic demo is the first present that blizzard shows for all WoW fans who want to get a fan-made classic server. Before players has pointed out some bugs which were expected to be fixed by development. But now, according to Blizzard's lastest reply, these so called bugs are not bugs. Raiditem.com still works on offering WoW gold for gamers. Fast to buy WoW gold and kick off news about WoW classic.

WoW v8.1.5 is Coming Out on March 12th: New Raids, Music & Mount


The long wait is finally over: World of Warcraft will be updated to v8.1.5 on March 12th. Along with a bundle of big changes coming to the game, players will at last be able to create both Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tiran Humans. Raiditem has collected the most important info to help you keep pace with the new change of WoW. Our professional team also offer you cheap WoW gold and hot WoW mounts for you to gain a better experience.

Latest WoW PvP Balance Adjustment Targets Restoration Druids


Welcome to top WoW items seller -raditem and enjoy cheapest WoW gold and best WoW power leveling here! Recently World of Warcraft has been added some PvP tuning adjustments targeting Druid Class. According to the community manager Kaivax on official forum, “since [the] PvP mana changes to healers and Restoration Druids” that were made eailer this month. “Lifebloom, as a source of healing, has become too efficient.”

G.M.O.D Mount Drops and PvP Tuning Changes Live


Gallywix's Mech of Death mount drop off Jaina Proudmoore on Raid Finder difficulty. Previously G.M.O.D dropped from High Tinker Mekkatorque in Raid difficulty or higher.Garishly sporting extreme amounts of goblin flair, Gallywix commissioned his Mech of Death to one up Mekkatorque in combat and more importantly in style.

World of Warcraft: The Cycle of Life World Quest in Patch 8.1.5


In the upcoming Patch 8.1.5, a new world quest called The Cycle of Life is added. In this quest, must kill crabs and albatrosses to help turtles reach water. You can take on the role of Armored Claw and gain access to three abilities.

Blizzard Will Offer 2 New Allied Races for Patch 8.1.5


According to Blizzard Entertainment, 2 new Allied races to the upcoming 8.1.5 patch for BfA. To access the 2 new allied races, players need to finish the quests. Here raiditem provides you with the latest news and best service to help you improve your gameplay experience in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

Alliance Races & Faction Change Clarification in Patch 8.1.5 - Raiditem


Welcome to the best website to buy WoW gld and WoW items cheap and safe! There is some tiny changes will affect a small portion of players, according to a blue post about faction changing and unlocking the new 8.1.5 Allied Races. If you're planning to switch factions and wonder how that's going to affect unlocking Kul Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls,

WoW Events in This Week for February 19th


In this week, a series of WoW events will come with new quests and rewards. It will include Burning Crusade Timewalking, PvP brawl: Southshore vs. Tarren Mill, and the Hatching of Hippogryphs micro-holiday. Buying WoW items and WoW gold from raiditem to enjoy cheap price and reasonable price.

The Most Trustworthy Site to Buy WoW Gold Cheap & Safe - Raiditem


Welcome to the most reliable website to buy WoW items! If you are a die-hard fan of World of Warcraft game, you must know that WoW gold plays a significant role while you boost power an and upgrade your strength. Every player is trying all the ways possible to farm more WoW gold.

New WoW Battle for Azeroth Patch Update, The Nerfs to Healers


According to the latest hotfixes updated, Blizzard rolled out the nerfs to Healers in PvP for Druid specs, Holy and Disc priests, Holy Paladins, Elemental & Resto Shamans, and Mistweaver Monks. In addition, the new patch nerfs neurotoxins for Assassination Rogues in PvP.

WoW 2019: Love is in the Air Holiday Is Live Now


Happy Valentine’s day! Love is in the air in WoW is live on EU and NA now and it will run from February 12th through February 26 on EU and NA realms. You are able to encounter Love Tokens, Holiday Attire, special mounts and toys in this event.

WoW Patch 8.1 Hotfixes Update for February 12


Never miss cheapest WoW gold and WoW leveling service at raiditem! According to the official announcement, Patch 8.1 hotfixes have been updated with a bunch of new features and additions including bug fix preventing completion of keystone master and Dropping some Eaves achievements.

Path of Exile Strongbox Guide - Everything You Need to Know


There are many rewards and penalties hidden in path of exile. For example, you will find a variety of poe Strongbox in the game, open the correct one you will find rich wealth. For those who are unprepared, they often miss a lot of experience. But how do you find these rich rewards? Of course we have prepared this poe Strongbox guide for all poe players.

Warlords Timewalking Arriving With Patch 8.1.5


According to the official forum, Warlord of Draenor timewalking will arrive in patch 8.1.5, along with new reputation commendations which will be purchasable from timewalking Vendor for Timewarped Badges. If you are one of those who are farming Laughing Skull Orcs reputation for Golden Visage of the Laughing Skull Golden Visage of the Laughing Skull and find the grind daunting, we highly recommend you wait for Warlords Timewalking to come n Patch 8.1.5.

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