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Finally Patch 7.2 Will Launch On March 28, What to Except


The World of Warcraft’s huge patch 7.2 update launches in a few hours, with a series of some major additions including a new dungeon, PvP Brawls, the pet battle dungeon and much more. Surely the most significant feature is the release of Tomb of Sargeras. However, as we mentioned previously, it actually won’t release this week. Anyway, it is time to fly in Broken Shore first.

WoW Update: Patch 7.2 Will Arrive on March 28, New Trailer Launched


After was revealed at Blizzcon 2016 half a year ago, WoW patch 7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras will be coming on Tuesday, March 28. As we mentioned previously, it will arrive along with a series of significant additions, and Blizzard is calling it the biggest update ever. There’s still a few days to wait and we recommend you to watch trailer about Tomb of Sargeras launched on the official community site if you want to know more.

Latest WoW Hotfixes: Some Nerfs to Nighthold


In the latest round of WoW hotfixes released on March 21, a batch of new adjustments has been put forward. One of the most notable thing is more major nerfs will come to Nighthold, the new raid of patch 7.2. Mythic players will find Spellblade Aluriel’s damage and health has dropped, and Star Augur Etraeus’ health down as well.

What Event to Expect in This Week, March 21


In this week, there will be new events worth your attention. For instance, the World boss Humongris is up, and the For the Horde! Quest returns temporarily which allows players to get the mount again. In addition, this week’s Dungeon Bonus event will make every dungeon boss drop additional loot. If you are looking for more wow gold and wow gears to upgrade your character’s power,

Patch 7.2: New Artifact Appearance Announced


According to the official World of Warcraft community site, a brief look of patch 7.2 has has been update, along with a series of solo quests which allow players to unlock new traits and to gain special artifact appearance. To start the challenge, players will be required to be level 110, have obtained all 35 ranks of their artifact weapon, and complete the questline to unlock access to the four new traits available with patch 7.2.

For Azeroth! Event Returned For A Week


Did you unlock the mounts in WoW and HotS? If you missed it out, now you have a week to complete the event or you can buy it from raiditem.com for cheap! Do not miss it again! According to the official post, the event For the Horde! reactivated temporarily for a week, from March 17- March 26. And the reward you gained from the earlier event end date of March 14 will still apply.

Developer Q&A: Matt Goss Answered the Legion Itemization


This week, the lead game designer Matt Goss answered some question about Legion itemization in patch 7.2. If you missed out the live Q&A, you can watch the VoD online or read the rundown of the highlights below. When you are playing mmorpgs like World of Warcraft, the in-game currency is essential for leveling up your power. WoW game is not an exception.

WoW Patch 7.2 Background Download in App is Available


According to the official announcement, WoW 7.2 is available in the battle.net app as background downloads. When will it go live? Patch 7.2 is a major patch in World of Warcraft Legion, and it will bring a series of additions like the new features, a new raid, new dungeon and many more. This week, Blizzard added the quest An Urgent Warning to Class Order Halls that hints at 7.2 and the Broken Shore.

What to Expect in This Week, March 14


From March 14 to 21, the Battleground Bonus Events is underway, and Honor gained from battlegrounds and events will be increased by 50%. Un'Goro Madness micro-holiday is arriving on March 17. More than that, a new quest will also appears in your class order hall. More interesting things await you in this week! WoW gold and wow mounts are the most important items in the gam

Patch 7.2: The Second LFR Wing of Tomb Sargeras Testing


Previously, we talked about the first LFR wing of the new raid Tomb Sargeras in Patch 7.2. Today, the second LFR wing Wailing Halls with Sisters of the Moon and Desolate Host has been tested. Sisters were definitely overtuned and it took a lot of Determination to get things done only to find out that Demonic Inquisition would not spawn!

Legion PvP Season 2 is Coming to a Close


According to the official world of warcraft community site, Legion PvP Season 2 is going to an end soon. And we are ready for PvP Season 3, with 13 possible Prestige levels, new loot and more. The post also reminds players of ensuring to get the reward in Legion PvP season 2, and season 3 is will begin after a couple of weeks or less. Want to improve your powe?

Patch 7.2 PTR: Free-For-All PvP Coming to Dalaran on Friday


In the official Community forum, Lore posted that players will be able to participate in an all-for-free brawl which will come to Dalaran in this Friday. He revealed that the devs were initiating a focused test on some new server technology and meant to gather the players as well as make them fight against Withered J’im in Azuna, but they decided to go with an alternative.

Patch 7.2: Battle for Azsuna &Highmountain Scenario


On the official community forum, players talked about the battle for both Azsuna & Highmountain Scenario continue. Patch 7.2 do have introduced a series of new additions to Legion. And some of them are worth mentioning. Today we are going to talk about the battles for the Azsuna and Highmountain in Patch 7.2.

Patch 7.2 PTR: Tomb of Sargeras Raid LFR Wing 1 Testing


In the upcoming patch 7.2, the Tomb of Sargeras raid is one of the most exciting feature. It has 9 bosses. In this weekend, the the LFR wing 1 of the Tomb was accessible and players could test out the "The Gates of Hell" with 3, Goroth, Harjatan and Mistress Sassz'ine. After weeks of fighting battles, heroes finally enter the dark Tomb, and the bosses are already be prepared in Legion!

WoW Q&A: Legendaries, Artifact Power and Relics


At the latest World of Warcraft Q&A session the game director Ion Hazzikostas answered some questions about the hot topic of Legion Legendaries. He said that players who swap specs should find that the game will give them an increased chance of getting a legendary for that spec when there is none present. The team wants to reduce the power gap between strong and weak legendaries, although the four craftawble legendaries in Patch 7.2 will be "middle of the road."

Preview of Events in This March, 2017


We have posted this week’s highlights in the previous post. In this March, there are a series of events awaiting, including Darkmoon Faire, Mists of Pandaria Timewalking, several bonus events and Patch 7.2 testing on PTR. Mist of Pandaria Timewalking will be up for the first time ever. Darkmoon Faire, opening of the last LFR Wing with Gul'dan details are published on the official World of Warcraft community site.

This Week’s Highlights: Drugon, WQ Bonus Event, and Darkmoon Faire


Every Tuesday, there are different activities currently and players are getting chances to complete the quests to get noteworthy reward. This week is not an exception. Drugon (World Boss), World Quest Bonus Event and Darkmoon Faire are this week’s highlights. And Nighthold LFR with Gul’dan will open next week! Below you are going to read a rundown of what will happen this week and next week.

Buy WoW Items to Beat Back the Legion


There has never been a greater need to buy WoW items than in the Legion expansion. Legion has been one of the most popular expansions since Cataclysm because it has not focused solely on raids or PvP like recent entries such as Warlords of Draenor. Instead, Legion has taken a very unique and holistic approach to Legion which, even five months in, is still releasing new content.

World of Warcraft Legion: 7.2 PvP Changes Turned Down


Earlier, Blizzard planned to bring some changes to instanced and world pvp. However, players gave the feedback that some of the changes were so severe and they would not core issues with pvp in its current iteration in Legion. They express the concern about healers becoming unkillable with the current direction of these changes, a 35% reduction in Intellect was also applied.

Patch 7.2 PTR: Build 23623


Patch 7.2 hits the Public Realms, introducing some new content and feature. A new build 23623 is live on PTR, and new items added give you an item appropriate for your specialization as well as have a chance to create a Legendary item. New AK Scaling went live, a lot of changes to Tier 20 Set Bonuses, Legendary items & more. The new achievements are mostly about Most of them are related to the Tomb of Sargeras & the new world bosses, and you can also get the rewards like wow mounts.

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