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Don’t Forget to Obtain Gifts During WoW's 14th Anniversary


Log in between now and November 30 to receive the WoW's 14th Anniversary WoW's 14th Anniversary achievement and a cache that contains 200 Timewarped Badges, a token that increases your experience and reputation gains by 14% for 1 hour, and more. Players can earn additional Timewarped Badges by answering trivia questions by talking to Historian Llore and Historian Ju'pa.

Burning Crusade Timewalking Bonus Event - Raiditem


Outland Timewalking Dungeon Event is one of the weekly bonus events in Battle for Azeroth. Players 71 and above can queue up for special versions of Burning Crusade instances. Run these instances for special loot and badges! Pay attention to the best WoW gold store raiditem.com to get the detailed information of the weekly bonus event.

Some Changes In Path of Exile: Betrayal - Raiditem


Yesterday we have announced a new expansion Betrayal of the path to exile, which includes many improvements to how Huiouts works. Today the best chaos orbs and exalted orbs seller - raiditem.com will share these new changes with you.

Path of Exile: Betrayal Will Hit PC On December 1


Path of Exile is preparing for a new start, its next extension, Path of Exile: Betrayal. Betrayal has a new set of content, and combines the elements of the latest alliances in the game to create a new normal while continuing to dungeon. If you want to know more detail inforamtion, keep your eyes on raiditem.com - the best buy poe items store.

Upcoming Patch 8.1: BfA Enhancement Shaman Changes on PTR


According to Blizzard, the upcoming Patch 8.1 WoW BfA enhancement shaman changes that will be implemented soon. Various enhancement talents will be adjusted and changes will be made to how many tooltips are being generated. Check the following part to get the details. Also, if you are looking for a reliable website to buy WoW items and WoW gold to boost your power, gold speedy, raiditem.com is always your best partner.

WoW Classic to Launch in 2019, Subscribers Included


According to the latest Blizzard announcement during its annual Blizzcon convention, WoW Classic will launch in Summer 2019. The server will be available to any players who have an active World of Warcraft subscription at no extra cost. In WoW Classic, players will be able to experience the original game as it was over 10 years ago, before the various expansion and gameplay changes.

Basic Path of Exile Currency Guide For Beginners - Raiditem


If you are playing path of exile for the first time, then this is a challenge for you. As a free-to-play action role-playing video game, poe continues to bring new content to players. If you need to buy poe items, don't hesitate to contact raiditem.com.

Private Leagues Are Now Available - Raiditem


Last week the best chaos orbs and exalted orbs store raiditem.com has announced that private leagues will be launched this week. These alliances allow you to add mods and make you and your friends more challenging in exile.

Highlights Ion Hazzikostas Talked About WarMode In An Interview


In an Forbes Interview with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, he spoke about War Mode and faction balance in PvP. Here is a summary of highlights on what he talked about War Mode! You can search online to watch the full video or read the following list. Raiditem.com is providing you with the largest selection of WoW items. You are able to find the cheapest WoW gold and WoW Classic gold here.

The Most Popular Online Gaming Store For Buying PoE Items


As many players know, raiditem.com is the most popular store of selling poe items. We have prepared a large stock of poe items for players to buy. If you are interested to know more about buying exalted orbs and chaos orbs, or have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Pet Battle Bonus Event of WoW This Week - Raiditem


Are you looking forward to this week's event? Put your best battle pet teams to the test with this week’s event. Keep your eyes on raiditem.com - the most professional and trustworthy WoW gold seller for detailed information about The Pet Battle Bonus Event.

WoW Classic: Content Changed and Remains


On Blizzcon 2018, Virtual ticket holders are able to test WoW Classic. Compare and contrasted to WoW Classic when patch 1.12 came out, something will be changes and some will remains. According to Ion Hazzikostas, they will remove some thing in modern game like LFD or Raid or Dungeon Finder, instant mail to guild mates, linked auction houses, flying of any kind, achievements, cross -realm play, real ID or Battletags of any sort.

What Will OSRS New PvP Changes Bring Us?


In order to offer all players a better game experience, OSRS made some new changes about PvP mode. Of course raiditem.com will reveal these new changes for you today. Except that, we can also offer you cheapest OSRS gold with 100% safe instant delivery. Please feel free to visit our website whenever you want to buy osrs gold online. Now let's check new changes together.

Path of Exile Will Be Avaliable For PS4 This December


Grinding Gear Games announce Path of Exile for PlayStation 4. In the same time, the 3.5.0 expansion will also be released. Are you ready for the big news? Come to raiditem.com to buy poe items cheap to give the game a shot.

Private league Will Available Next Week - Raiditem


The 3.5.0 update is the largest expansion of path of exile this year. Since the beginning of the development of "path of exile", the team has been planning to create a private league for players. Raiditem.com - the best buy poe items store are happy to announce that these private leagues will be available for purchase next week. These leagues allow you to add mods and make you and your friends more challenging path of exile.

Bounty Hunter Changes Available Now in OSRS!- Raiditem.com


Previously in July, OSRS officially announced that they are going to make some new changes to balance game. And recently they confirmed that the Bounty Hunter Changes are finished and available in game. In order to help you learn these new changes in advance, raiditem.com will reveal them for you. Please check them below. In addition, we have numerous cheap OSRS gold in stock, you can always buy osrs gold from us with cheap price and top services.

Earn The Achievement During Day of The Dead In-game Holiday


Day of the Dead is coming, let's dance to celebrate! You can find out more about Death Day or buy cheap WoW gold at raiditem.com.

Blizzcon 2018: WoW Classic Demo Will Limit Players Playtime


Blizzcon 2018, the biggest show of World of Warcraft, will start in a few hours, November 2, and it is time for Virtual ticket holders to play WoW Classic demo. According to Blizzard, players will have a limit to how long they can lay before being booted and there will implement a cooltimer to ensure everyone has a fair chance to play, that means, after 1 hour’s cumulative playtime, you have to wait for the 30 minutes Global Cool Down in order to play again.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy PoE Items?


Raiditem.com has been known for a professional and reliable online store for buying poe items. We are online to provide you with the huge stock of poe items, cheapest price, instant and secure delivery, and top service to ensure you have a satisfied poe items purchasing experience at our store.

Path of Exile Ice Nova and Vortex Update Preview - Raiditem


As the path of exile gets closer to the 3.5.0 extension, we feel more and more excited! We can't wait to show you the direction the poe team has been working on. At the same time, we have prepared a lot of cheap chaos orbs and exlated orbs for players to buy.

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