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Patch 7.3: Tier 21 Death Knight Discussion


The latest round of WoW hotfixes for July 20 addresses some new content. A large number of difficulty nerfs to some mythic Dungeons: Upper Karazhan, Lower Karazhan and Cathedral of Eternal Night. In addition, Tier 21 sets will drop in Antorus, and the Burning Throne raid that will not open immediately when Patch 7.3 goes live.

Patch 7.3: Netherlight Crucible and Relic Customization


In Patch 7.3, Netherlight Crucible is an additional way for relics and artifact customization. To unlock Netherlight Crucible, players needs complete all of the quests in Krokuun and Mac'Aree. When An Offering of Shadow is complete, Crucible unlocks. You will find the Crucible on the 3rd area of Argus, the Vindicaar.

WoW Events In This Week, July 18th


In this week, a series of Legion Events in WoW will come to wow, including the Arena Skirmish Event, the Mythic+ Affixes of "Bursting, Skittish, Tyrannical", new World Boss, and main auction house will turn in dance parties.

Patch 7.3: New Mission & Quests, Troops, and Level Boosts


According to the official post, Patch 7.3 will introduce a bunch of new content and features to Legion. Among them, new missions and quests, item level boosts and troops are really worth your attention. Some of them are implemented in the recent PTR build and some adjustments will be added in the future.

Patch 7.3: Upcoming Frost Death Knight Changes


Sigma has released a new round of changes that will come to Frost Death Knights in Patch 7.3. The summary list has addressed a series of various issues, including the Talent system changes that funnel the spec with resources and general talent balance to give the spec more talent viability, and the damage buffs to move away from the overpowering Breath of Sindragosa talent, and more.

Black Temple Timewalking Raid is Open This Week


In the patch 7.2.5, the Black Temple is open in this week. It is one of the most important raids in patch 7.2.5, and finally it is available for the first time. You can buy Black temple Timewalking raid items from raiditem.com in cheap rate right now, and it will runs from July 11th to July 18th.

Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes for July 12, ToS Changes, BTT Lockout and More


According to the latest hotfixes released by Blizzard on July 12, some fixes will be made to Tomb of Sargeras raid encounters, and Black Temple Raid lockout is in. Besides, we get a few more pvp class tweaks in this round of hotfixes

WoW: Mythic Dungeon Invitational with $100k Award


Blizzard has announced that it will take world of warcraft to e-sporting in PVE. 32 teams all around the world will compete for a share of $100k award in the upcoming tournament for mythic Dungeons.

Rumors: Next WoW Expansion Clues Leaked


Legion is currently ongoing active and some data-miners seem have discovered new clues of the next expansion in the latest PTR of patch 7.3. After Legion has been released, many players have returned to wow game after long-time quit. Players are always want to know what exactly come next, and are there some good adventures? Start with a map.

Black Temple Timewalking Opening Soon


Finally the Burning Crusade Timewalking week has come and Black Temple Timewalking will be available soon. During the week, you can head on Black Temple with a 10/30 players group to take on the bosses that drop items level 900 loot. As we mention previously, it will be a little bit easier than Normal difficulty and the raid will require a premade group

Patch 7.3: Artifact Knowledge Adjustments on the Way - Raiditem


Since Legion has been released, many tweaks and changes to Artifact Knowledge have been introduced to Legion. In the upcoming Patch 7.3, another change is on the way. If you tested on the PTR, you may have noticed that the the cap is extended beyond 40 on the PTR (the data shows it scaling up to 50). Instead of completing Work Orders, you will automatically gain one level per week.

Patch 7.3 PTR:New Mounts Preview - Raiditem.com


Patch 7.3 adds a bunch of new features and items, and new wow mounts are really notable for most players. An animation involving all mounts in action with new mounts on Patch 7.3 has been released, and you can watch it on youtube to have brief look at the the mounts. Among them, one mount which deserves your attention is undoubtedly Shackled Ur’zul.

Raiditem - This Week’s WoW Events in WoW for July 4th


In this week for July 4th, a series of events await you. Darkmoon Faire continues. Have not acquired the new transmog yet? Grasp the time, it will be available until Sunday. The world boss Withered J'm is up again. During the Pet Bonus Event, you are able to upgrade your pets faster.

Patch 7.3: Ion Hazzikostas Interview Highlights List


Jesse Cox talked to game Director Ion Hazzikostas in an interview recently. Ion Hazzikostas revealed some some designing thoughts and plans in patch 7.3, like why Argus is not a separate expansion and why World boss loot won’t be update. He also talked about the humble adventurers advancement with power scale and more. You can read the highlights summary below or watch the interview on youtube.

Patch 7.3: New Battle Pet and A Summon Random Pet Button


Patch 7.3 PTR has began. It has brought a series of new content like new items, new bosses and abilities, Tier 21 Armor Sets, and Patch 7.3 PTR creature models and you can take a flight to Argus.

Patch 7.3 Update Takes You A Fight to Argus,the Burning Legion Home


After patch 7.2.5 release and the Tomb of Sargeras Raid opened, Blizzard starts to put Patch 7.3 on the PTR. As we mentioned before, patch 7.3 update added a series of new items and new creature models. According to the official announcements, 7.3 update will allows players take the fight to the home world of the Burning Legion. The new content will activate after the events of Sargeras raid, with players heading to the broken and battered world of Argus

Update of Shaman & Warrior Artifact Appearance, Patch 7.3 PTR Starts


Have you unlocked the hidden Artifact appearance for Shaman? Until yesterday’s new hotfixes released, Shaman and Warriors artifact appearances have been update. Before that, Unlocking the Enhancement Shaman Artifact appearance (The Warmace of Shirvallah) and the Fury Warrior Artifact appearance (The Dragonslayers) was heavily tied to RNG and World Boss rotation.

This Week’s Legion Events, ToS Mythic/LFR and More


In this week, new event in WoW legion will arrive including Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, the Legion Dungeon Event, Temple of Hotmogu PvP Brawl and a new World boss, Withered J'im World boss. Mythic/LFR Wing 1 of Tomb of Sargeras are open. If you complete a M+15 last week, you will find an ilvl 930 item in your Weekly Cache. Below you will find the details about these events.

Start Cost-effective Bargain of World of Warcraft Gold on Raiditem


World of Warcraft gold is the core element in game's currency system. And most of players show their interest on cheap wow gold buying for a long time. But the fact is that many online store cheat customers or can't do their service as what they promise.

WoW Hotfix Addresses TOS Raid, Bug Fixes, Adjustments and Tweaks


Blizzard has revealed a series of hotfixes to Tomb of Sargeras encounters and Siege of Orgrimmar heirloom weapons in World of World of Warcraft. Some of the adjustments take effect immediately, including the Sisters of the Moon, the Desolate Host, and the Kil’jaeden fights within the raid, gathering the Writhing Essences as currency, you can find the tips for how to farm Writhing Essences in the previous post.

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