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World of Warcraft: The Upcoming Tomb of Sargeras Bosses Previewed


The new raid Tomb of Sargeras in Legion is just arriving within a month (it is rumored it will release in the middle of June ). Blizzard still has not confirmed the date for the next aid, but the official community site worldofwarcaft.com has previewed all the nine tomb of Sargeras bosses in the latest post. It is revealed with the developer insights ad some backgrounds lore for the raid and each bosses.

Patch 7.2.5:A Series of Legendaries Added to Legion PTR Build


According to Blizzard Entertainment, patch 7.2.5 adds a new round of new legendary items for all classes. These Legendaries will affect the particular talent, new legendaries for all healers. In addition to the 13 legendary items and 12 legendary rings already live on the PTR build, and there are another round of legendary added recently. According to the community manager Lore, some new content are also live on PTR except for new legendaries.

You Can Buy Destiny 2 Game With WoW Gold - Raiditem


Destiny 2 is to be released on September 8, 2017, and the publisher Activision announced that the pc version will be exclusive on Blizzard Launcher. This means you will be able to purchase Destiny 2 game with World of Warcraft Tokens. Initially, wow tokens were used to trade outside the game, but the February updates make token become a currency to purchase the items of other Blizzard games like Overwatch loot boxes or new characters in Heroes of the Storm.

Obtain WOW Class Flying Mounts Cheap & Safe - Raiditem


In Patch 7.2, every class can unlock a unique class after completing Breaching the Tomb. Some will change tints based on race., while others can be earned from Power Ascended. There are in total 11 quests and each quest unlocks weekly. However, you are able to complete all quests one time via the pursuing system once time after 11 weeks. Our recommendation is to keep doing world quests on the 11 weeks.

Buy Unlock Challenging Artifact Weapon Appearances on raiditem


Good news! You can buy Unlock Challenging Artifact Weapon Appearances from raiditem now! In patch 7.2, players have a chance to unlock new artifact appearance by completing solo skill challenges. There are in total 7 different challenges for each class and role, so there exist subtle differences between DPs, healer, and tank. That means it is difficult for players to acquire the new appearance and demonstrate a mastery of their specialization.

A Found Memento: Features post and Cinematic Released


If you are an Alliance player, you must have seen a special questline about King Anduin Wrynn, starting from A Found Memento off the coast of the Broken Shore. On the official site, Blizzard just provided more insights into the epic questionline and cinematic. Although the quest is only available for Alliance, many Hordies also have checked the post out.

WOW: Mythic Raid Testing on May18-19, Arena Cups#2 Ends - Raiditem


It is rumored that Tomb of Sargeras raid will be released officially in the middle of June. Players have tried out most of features in Patch 7.2.0, and patch 7.2.5 also introduced some relatively smaller additions to Legion. However, most gamers are still looking forward to the Tomb of Sargeras raid. According to blizzard announcements, the Mythic raid testing of Tomb of Sargeras will be begin on May 18- 19.

World of Warcraft: New Rewards Added to PVP Season 4 - Raiditem


According to the official world of warcraft community site, there will be new items are being added for Prestige levels 15-18 in pvp season 4, including new artifact color, a new mount, and the title “Unstoppable Force”. Are you interested in the cool wow mount and new title? If so, you can find some cool mounts at raiditem with cheap price. Besides, you have access a series of world of warcraft items here!

Raiditem Offers Cheap WOW Gold & Guides for Leveling Up Fast


In World of Warcraft Legion, players are allowed to boost a character to level 100 within short time. However, if you want to roll multiple characters, you can choose our wow power leveling service at raiditem, or invest a lot of time and energy into leveling within some practical guides. Here raiditem not only offers you discount wow service but also huge stock of wow gold with fast delivery.

Spring Balloon Festival Goes Live - Buy WOW Gold Cheap on Raiditem


World of Warcraft Spring Balloon Festival (May10-May12) currently goes live now, and it will come to an end on the 12th of May! Have you enjoyed it? The latest World of Warcraft Micro-holidays are just designed to relax you if you feel stressed. In this holiday, some characters in Azeroth are giving balloon tour through out the world.

Patch 7.2.5:New Major Features to Come in Legion


Previously, we talked much about the upcoming patch 7.2.5, the so-called “smaller” patch. However, it is released that the new patch will bring a lot of new things to Broken Shore that are worth players’ notice. According to the rumor, the patch 7.2.5 will arrive in the middle of June, and players will finally get to fly to Kil’ jeaden when Tomb of Sargeras open in patch 7.2.5 and take part in Black Temple time walking.

Hotfixes Update for May 8, PVP Tuning Deployed and Issues Fix


In the latest round of hotfixes released on the official site, a series of tweaks and adjustments are addressed including PVP tunning as we mentioned previously, and Cathedral of Eternal Night nerfs. In the meantime, raiditem continues offering you the cheapest wow items like wow gold, wow mounts and other service for world of warcraft. Below read the full list of hotfixes for May 8:

Patch 7.2.5: Mythic+ Dungeons Tweaks to Be Tested on PTR


Although we mentioned that patch 7.2.5 will bring some smaller changes before, another big change is planned to be made to Legion,which is the change to Mythic Keystone depletion mechanic. Mythic + Dungeons were introduced in Legion, and it implement another way to reward players with additional challenges. Here the sufficient stock of wow items is ready. Specially, wow gold with the most competitive price is offered!

Hotfixes for May 1:Nighthold Nerfs, Issue Fixed, PVP Changes & More


Another new round of hotfixes for patch 7.2 has come on May 1, according to the official World of Warcraft community site. It has introduced a series of tweaks and adjustments to Legion, including a few nerfs to Grand Magistrix Elisande, some changes to Gul’dan, the activate of the Burden of Power set bonus, PVP classes changes, children’s week and more.

WOW: Events to Come in This Month, May


Blizzard has released a list of events that await us in May. As of now, the Children’s Week (May 1-May 8) has been available for characters level 10 or above. It is a great chance to complete the quests in this week to gain some rewards. Aside from that, you can also expect more events like Battleground Bonus Event (events releases every Tuesday), PvP Brawl: Warsong Scramble, Darkmoon Faire, Legion Dungeon Event, Spring Balloon Festival, Pet Battle Bonus Event, PvP Brawl: Deepwind Dunk, Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeon Event, Glowcap Festival, and Arena Skirmish Event.

Hofixes Update April 26: Artifact Challenges,PvP Tweaks, and Bug Fixes


In the latest round of Hotfixes for WoW Legion, Blizzard Entertainment has made some adjustments to artifact challenges, like reducing the health of Inquisitor Variss and Highlord Kruul health. Besides, it contains the one Broken Shore fix, and PVP templates tweaks and healing for Druid, DKs, and Shamn. In the meantime, some issues fixed for quests. All of these are addressed in the original patch note list.

WOW Team: No Changes Plans to Restrict Flying on Kirin Tor


According to the blue post by the EU forum community manager Aerythlea, the World of Warcraft team has no plan on flying restriction on Kirin Tor World Quests in the Broken Isles. Prior to flight, Kirin Tor quests required precise timing, directed jumps or the ability to stay inside a floating bubble across long distances.

WOW: What to Come This Week


Shar'thos World Boss is up. Weekly Bonus event: Timewalking Wrath of the Lich King is available. In this week’s bonus event, you will be matched up with other players and sent one heroic dunegon. The quest requires you to complete 5 timewalking dungeons and obtain the rewards One Seal of Broken Fate and one loot box containing a piece of gear from Normal difficulty Nighthold.

WoW: Blizzard May Remove Soul Effigy Entirely Next PTR Patch


According to a blue post by the game designer Seph, a set of changes to Affliction warlock are addressed. And Seph also clarified that the Tier 20 set bonus will be changing soon so as to reduce the focus on Drain Soul. The devs team also addressed concerns with Soul Effigy in the next cycle -- by removing it entirely.

Hotfixes for April 21: Issues Fixes for Artifact Traits Scaling and More


In the latest round of hotfixes, devs addressed a series of issues fixes for artifact trait scaling for Winwalking, Feral, Fire and Shadow specs, cooldown resets for artifact challenges and more. If you used to be bored by the lost of Riddler’s Mind Worm if you didn’t loot the items after opening the Gift of the Mind-Seekers, now good news for you, the bug has been fixed.

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