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WoW Shadowlands Expansion New Zones Revealed!

  • 2019-11-25 14:31:34
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Blizzard officially announced WoW new expansion Shadowlands which will be released in 2020. In this expansion, there will be many expecting new features. Before we dive into this amazing new expansion, can't wait to reveal the details. In addition, cheap WoW gold hot sale with top services here! 

The Shadowlands are the area to where deceased mortal souls go to be judged, and then sent to specific places to spend their afterlives, depending on their deeds in life. There are 6 zones for players to explore.

- Oribos, the Eternal City is the arrival point for all souls in the Shadowlands, where they will be judged by The Arbiter, a being that determines where souls will spend their afterlives. Oribos serves as a nexus between the various domains of the Shadowlands and is a gathering point for power brokers, wheelers, dealers, and soul-traders, as well as serving as the player's central hub in the Shadowlands.

- Bastion is a kingdom of crystalline spires and pristine skies, ruled by the Kyrian covenant. Souls drawn to service are sent to Bastion by The Arbiter, where they examine their life's deeds and work towards a state of virtue, letting go of their life burdens and seeking ascendance.

- Maldraxxus is the heart of the military might of the Shadowlands, ruled by the Necrolord covenant. Although it is home to wicked beings such as abominations and necromancers, not all beings of Maldraxxus are evil - They are simply battle-hardened. Souls fueled by war who never yield and thrive in a survival of the fittest environment are sent here by The Arbiter and welcomed by the Necrolords.

- Ardenweald is an enchanted forest ruled by the Night Fae covenant. Serving as a dark mirror to Azeroth's Emerald Dream, Ardenweald is a place that focuses on rest, hibernation, and eventual rebirth of the soul. Souls deeply attuned to nature are sent here by The Arbiter, where they prepare for rejuvenation and rebirth.

- Revendreth is a land of dark secrets and gothic spires, ruled by the Venthyr covenant. Souls that are prideful or flawed in life are sent here by The Arbiter to atone for their sins and seek redemption through torment inflicted by the vampiric Venthyr.

- The Maw is the final zone of the Shadowlands, a swirling vortex composed of the vilest souls sent to the Shadowlands and ruled by The Jailer, a being who has never been seen before. The Arbiter only sends to The Maw souls that are considered to be irredeemable and a threat to the Shadowlands if left free. No one has ever escaped The Maw, and those that went to explore the vortex were never heard of again.

Except these new zones, there are also many other amazing features in Shadowlands. You are welcomed to stay tuned on for more! As mentioned above, you can buy WoW gold conveniently from our site without any risk. Best WoW power leveling and all kinds of items await you on!

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