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New Features Available in PoE With 3.8.2B Patch!

  • 2019-11-06 11:11:08
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Although PoE team is busy preparing the ExileCon, they have also made a new patch called 3.8.2B with several fixes. can't wait to share the details with you. As a professional  path of exile store, we always offer you best services and help.

Although these patch notes may not be final and are still subject to change before the patch, let's have a preview first!

-The Menagerie's World Panel pin is now hidden until you've actually unlocked it.

- Fixed a bug where you would be incorrectly warned that the "Temple of Atzoatl is ready to be explored" when opening an Alva Atlas Mission if you still had active portals to the Temple.

- Fixed a bug where Lava Lake Map could spawn slightly fewer monsters than intended.

- Fixed a bug where the Minion Modifiers on the Convoking Wand basetype did not display their tiers when viewing their Advanced Mod Descriptions.

- Fixed a bug where Wave of Conviction's travel distance could be shorter than intended if a previous use of the skill was stopped short by hitting a wall or some other object. This corrected itself when the player moved.

- Fixed a bug where some Trap Throwing Speed and Mine Throwing Speed modifiers were not reflected in the character sheet. This was solely a visual bug.

- Fixed a bug where the Cleave skill used by Kitava's Herald and Blight Herald was missing its visual effects.

- Fixed a bug where the skeleton effect from Stygian Flame Dash did not always display correctly on Predictive networking mode.

- Fixed a bug where the Vaal Seal hideout decorations were not granted to players that bought the Corrupted Hideout. We will be manually granting these to players that have already purchased the Corrupted Hideout if they did not receive them.

- Fixed a bug where some buffs displayed a buff icon and description that wasn't meant to be seen. Oops!

- Fixed a client crash that could occur when applying various weapon effects to a weapon with the Harlequin Weapon Skin applied to it.

With these new features and fixes, there will definitely be much more fun in game. You can buy POE Currency from us safe and conveniently if you are in need. We have full stock exalted orbs and other items for you all time!

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