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Classic WoW Leveling Guide: How To Level Up Fast in Vanilla WoW [Ⅱ]

  • 2019-09-05 19:41:56
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Hi, guys! This article will continue to show the Classic WoW Leveling Guide to you. You will get to know how to level up fast in vanilla WoW. As your reliable WoW store, Raiditem is offering cheap WoW gold and WoW items with all of you. Now let’s have a look at this guide.

If you’ve checked in with the WoW Classic community or seen streams then you’ll have seen the masses of players accumulating in the starting area. That means competition for slaying mobs and generally very slow progress, so we suggest doing the bare minimum in these zones and moving on as soon as possible so that you don’t have to line up to slay mobs.

Managing inventory, particularly the host of green items you hope to sell or crafting materials you plan to use later, is a time consuming chore. Sell everything you can to any vendor you find, but for items of value, preserve them by mailing it to an alt account and selling or using it later. Create that alternate character immediately, get them to a capitol city, and park them there. Not only can you then mail anything not nailed down every time you hit town (thereby removing it from your inventory and your to-do list), but you’ll also be building up rested experience on the ‘banking’ alt.

Weapons skills feature heavily in vanilla WoW, so you’ll be working with them in Classic. This means, as you’re leveling a character, you’re also going to be leveling their skill with whatever weapon(s) you choose. We recommend picking a weapon type, preferably something commonly available for your class and specialization, and sticking with it as you farm XP. The time lost as you miss-miss-miss-miss when you fight monsters with a new weapon is significant, and it takes a while to level a skill all the way back up to cap. This typically makes it worthwhile to wait until you get a weapon to drop of the correct variety before upgrading.

If you want to level up on a PvP WoW Classic server, absolutely create a character there. But unless you are the very fastest of WoW leveling speedrunners, playing on a PvP server will slow you down. If you truly don’t care whether you play on PvP or PvE servers and you want to get to 60 as fast as you can, choose PvE. Then the only red names you see will be the monsters, not your fellow players, who are frankly a lot smarter and a lot more vindictive than any MMO mob.

If you’re new to vanilla, it’s worth taking the time to scan leveling guides and talk to your more- experienced friends to find out the most efficient questing routes. For most players, those routes are similar to those already laid out for you by Blizzard in-game, so following in-game breadcrumbs from one quest hub to the next is a good way to get everything done. But knowing where the monsters you need to kill are actually located is a huge help, and planning your quest turn-ins so that you don’t end up doing too much backtracking is a huge timesaver in the 40 levels before you can mount up.

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