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How to Complete the Jumping Jellies Quest in Patch 8.2

  • 2019-07-04 17:26:14
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Are you ready for this Jumping Jellies? You’ll need to have world quests unlocked in Battle for Azeroth before you can even tackle this mission. How to get world quests unlocked, although the Jumpies Jellies quest in WoW may be one of them to avoid. Here we’re going to show you how to complete WoW Jumping Jellies quest, without you resorting to throwing your monitor out the window. Don’t forget to buy WoW gold and WoW items at Raiditem with the cheapest prices.

The mission looks simple, but the execution can be anything. In the fluorescent caves of Azsh’ari Terrace (co-ordinates: 62:28), you’ll find a collection of jellyfish suspended in mid-air with a Tickle above them that needs saving. The Jellies won’t attack you; they’re just there, minding their own business.

Now you can be prepared for this to take a number of tries: the jump pad and each of the WoW Jumping Jellies are quite imprecise. Also, pro tip: make sure you are atop your mount before you get on the purple pad, otherwise rushing through hedges in front of it will slow you down too much.

Even this method will take numerous attempts, but we find the best way to get to the floating Tickle is to stick to the left row of Jellies. So aim your first jump towards the Jelly on the left, first. Then stick in a straight line and jump on three more until you get to the larger purple one. Oddly, it seems that aiming your camera is just as important as landing your jumps, so make sure your camera is facing the direction of your next desired target as you bounce.

Once you’re about to bounce on the larger purple Jelly, turn yourself around 180 degrees behind you. This should catapult you all the way up to the Tickle so you can tick off the objective and earn the reward. As we’ve said, it’s not an exact science, but we’ve found this method the most reliable. From there, we wish you the best of luck with completing the World of Warcraft Jumping Jellies quest as quickly as possible so you can progress onto something much more fun.

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