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Patch 7.2.5 PTR: Auction House Dance Party And More Additions

  • 2017-04-20 18:17:13

The Auction House Dance Party will be host in the newest Micro-holiday. Patch 7.2.5 has been updated with new additions. Some significant features like the Auction House Dance Party, a trial of style, a new Pet Battle Dungeons will be introduced to several classes. Although the Black Temple Timewalking raid is available, “it hasn’t gone through difficulty tuning yet”. Read the detailed info about these new features as following! Want more wow gold and wow mounts? If so, Raiditem.com is the most reliable place to buy wow items cheap!

Auction House Dance Party Event: Players can dance 'til they drop, though will have to head to another AH to buy / sell items. 

- Ashtar (Horde) & Marla (Alliance) have been added to their respective auction houses
- All players entering the dance floor get the Dance StudioDance Studio, even NPCs
- You have a chance to get teleported up to the stage and receive the Happy FeetHappy Feet buff that lasts for 24 hours
- Restores 0.005% health and 0.005% Mana over until cancelled. Must remain dancing
Atrial of style - A second new feature, Trial of Style fans, those who are working to create a great summer transmog, can take part in a "Pose with the Blues" event on Friday, April 21st from 2:00 - 4:00 pm Pacific (5:00 - 7:00 pm Eastern). It's a great time to "show off your transmog collection". Players will have a single minute to dress according to the theme, strut down the runway. 

A new Pet Battle Dungeon - It has opened in the Deadmines near Stormwind. Players can speak to Breanni in Dalaran to pick up the challenging quest that can lead to new pets and achievements.

In addition, there are more changes have been applied to Brewmaster Monks, Discipline Priests, Enhancement Shaman, Outlaw and Subtlety Rogues, Arms Warriors, and all Warlock specs as well as more minor tweaks to other classes and specs. 

The community manager Lore also mentioned other updates in testing, and asked players to give feedback about new additions. Keep close here to know more about World of Warcraft game, and improve your gameplay experience with enough wow gold and best wow mounts! Raiditem.com is always the most trustworthy wow gold supplier who guarantees to provides you with the best products, the lowest price, and instant delivery!

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