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Cospris Discharge Build - Ascendant(Standard)

  • 1. You will get all the gears for Cospris Discharge Build - Ascendant(Harbinger).
  • 2. We will complete the delivery by meeting you in the game.
  • 3. ETA: 2-48 Hrs.

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All the gears for Cospris Discharge Build - Ascendant(Harbinger):

Slot Name  Sockets Links
Helm Rift Peak Fluted Bascinet 4
Body Armor Voll's Protector Holy Chainmail 6 6
Gloves Ghoul Grip Spiked Gloves 4 4
Boots Death's Door Crusader Boots 4 4
Weapon 1 Cospri's Malice Jewelled Foil 3 3
Weapon 2 Victory Duty Lacewood Spirit Shield

Left Ring Horror Eye Diamond Ring

Right Ring Sol Knot Diamond Ring

Amulet Voll's Devotion Agate Amulet

Belt Bramble Bind Studded Belt

Flask Vessel of Vinktar Topaz Flask

Flask Chemist's Divine Life Flask of Heat

Flask Avenger's Slive Flask of Resistance

Flask Experimenter's Diamond Flask of Warding

Flask Perpetual Quicksliver Flask of Adrenaline

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