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Legion Fast and Safe Leveling 100-110

Legion Fast and Safe Leveling 100-110

1. Reach level 110.
2. Unlock Artifact Weapon of the character you ordered.
3. Most of 100-110 Quests Done.(Being fast to get lv110 not landing some maps. Quests can't be finished there.)
4. Most Flight Paths Uncovered.
5. Item level will be around 140.
6. ETA: 1-2 Business Days.

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WOW Legion is live on all realms, many players are boosting their characters to Lv110 by completing quest or raid. Same with the previous Patch, the exploration of the mysterious world just starts when you reach to level 110.
1. Upgrade the gears level. The first thing we should do is to upgrade the gears level when character level at 110. Legion leveling is much easier and flexible than the previous patch through Dungeons Clear, BOE Items, World Quest Reward and so on. However, the new Titan system will have a chance to speed up the gears level of Dungeons drops and profession Crafted BOE gears to the Mythic Raid drops gears level.
2. Artifacts Weapon System. Artifacts weapon will be the most important system in Patch 7.0 which have the unique Artifact Appearance, Artifact Tints, and relevant Artifact Traits Unlock. Only by gathering enough Artifact Power to unlock Artifact Traits will make your Artifact Weapon is stronger and stronger.
3. World Quest. At Lv110, you can active the World Quest when five faction reputations reach to friendly status. World Quest is the main way to boost Artifact Power, Blood of Sargeras and Faction Reputation. There is no reason to miss this quest.

You can play the following task when your character reaches to lv110. Profession leveling boosts, Profession recipe upgrades, Mythic Dungeon Challenge Mode, Legion Flying Unlock, Six faction reputations farm. Also, you can gain pets, mounts, and Prestige Honor Leveling. 

A new start in Legion, are you ready? 

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