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Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal

Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal

1. You will get Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal.
2. You need to provide your account.
3. Your character's level should be 110.
4. ETA: 1 CD.

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Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal appeared the similar model before patch 5.4. That's the storm raven which has been spread through the Internet, its model is very unique, aroused the attention of a lot of players.

In the latest patch 7.3.2, the new Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal's gaining method finally announced.

Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal is a reward for completing the quest Blood of a Titan by looting Blood of the Unmaker from Argus the Unmaker on Heroic difficulty or higher. Argus the Unmaker is the last boss in the Antorus, the Burning Throne. It's similar to the Warlords of Draenor, players defeat a heroic or mythic Archimonde, can get a mission reward mount Grove Warden.

What's more, after defeats a heroic or mythic Argus the Unmaker, you also have a chance to get Pantheon trinkets or Pantheon's Blessing. Each Pantheon's Blessing will upgrade a Pantheon trinket by 5 item levels, up to item level 1000.

This mount will be removed once Patch8.0 come out, please get it asap if you like!

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