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Ancient Mana*1000

Ancient Mana*1000

1. You will get some Ancient Mana Gems to get Ancient Mana*1000.
2. We will complete the delivery by meeting you in the game or send by in-game mail.
3. ETA: 2-24 hrs.

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Ancient Mana is a new currency collected in Suramar in World of Warcraft: Legion. Suramar Questline throughout the early Legion, involving a large number of missions and Artifact Power. It needs a lot of Ancient Mana to do missions and achievements. The main Suramar questline will be unlocked step by step with the increase of Nightfallen's reputation. In late, also will unlock two 5-man Dungeons: The Arcway and Court of Stars.
Nightfallen in Suramar will become Stable and give you quests when fed with Ancient Mana. Want to get quests? Feed Nightfallen first. Want to turn in quests? Feed Nightfallen again. Ancient Mana also used to train the withered army! You can unlock hidden Artifact appearance of some classes by completing scenarios, also can active teleporter in map and purchase items from Reputation Quartermaster.
Ancient Mana mainly sourced by digging. After starting Suramar Questline, you will get a prop Mana Divining Stone to mark out Ancient Mana on the small map. The Ancient Mana you dug is directly proportional to the Mana nets you used in Suramar. There are eight Leyline feeds in Suramar which will increase the gaining of Ancient Mana when lightened. Boon of the Manaseeker also helps you have the chance to pick up Ancient Mana from enemies. Besides, you can acquire Ancient Mana from Ancient Mana Gem or Ancient Mana Crystal which can be purchased in AH with plenty of wow gold. Wild Treasures, Rare elites, World Quests also can gain Ancient Mana.
There is a limit of Ancient Mana, but you can upgrade the maximum Ancient Mana Cap from 300 to 2000. With the increase of Mana Cap, you will gain more Ancient Mana.

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