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Torghast First Look in Patch 9.1 - New Negative Torments

  • 2021-04-28 10:46:03
  • Soul Ash*1140
  • Twisting Corridors: Layer 8

New Layers and Torments
Blizzard is changing the way the way the Torments systems works in Torghast! Instead of the Torments that occurred in Patch 9.0, there's new Torments and different amounts based on the layers that you are doing.
Layer 1-3: 0 Torments
Layer 4-5: 1 Torment
Layer 6-7: 2 Torments
Layer 8: 3 Torments
Layer 9: 4 Torments
Layer 10-11: 5 Torments
Layer 12: 6 Torments

Torments for this week on the PTR are the following (in order of # of Torments):
 Twisted Strength
 Reinforced: Doom Conduits
 Tricks and Traps
 Unstable Phantasma
Scoring System
While the UI for the Scoring system isn't fully set up yet on the PTR, you'll need to achieve a score of at least 4 stars on the final scoreboard to unlock the next layer. How do you earn score? We've datamined some interesting strings that indicate that many things will contribute to your score including:
Rescuing Souls
# of Deaths
Hot Streak Score
Datamined Scoreboard Metrics
At the end of the run, you'll be scored on a 5 star system based on the above factors. If you achieve at least 4 stars, you'll unlock the next layer!

Currently, the final screen says to Right click for more details, but it currently doesn't bring up the scoreboard.
Score Streaks - Be Fast!
Above the Torments on the UI, and below the usual Torghast UI, a new element has been added -- a Score Streak bar!

When you complete any of the above objectives such as killing a mobs or freeing a soul, the bar will go up. However, it's important to go quickly and do things as fast as you can as the bar will slowly tick down. When you get the bar past the line, the bar will turn red and you'll get an Empowered buff.
While it's unclear exactly what being Empowered does at the moment, it's assumed that it increases the score gained from any activities done while you're empowered! Be fast and be efficient to keep that score streak up.
Boss on Floor 5
The last big change to note is the boss now spawn on Layer 5, making it one floor shorter than on live servers! After you defeat the boss, you'll get your star scoring and your  Soul Ash.

However... there appears to be a two bonus floors after this in the new environment, Adamant Vaults, with another Boss on Floor 7! While it's clear that Torghast is unfinished (which means this could all change), could these be bonus floors for completing the run where you get bonus loot? Or is Torghast now meant to be 7 Floors long?

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