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New Library Available in WoW Classic!

  • 2020-01-06 11:43:52
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Last week a major update was placed in WoW Classic. With this new update, all players must update to the new library to provide their threat to their party. will share you all the details today. In addition, WoW Classic items hot sale with best services for you!

After the update, the old library is no longer maintained and was replaced by LibThreatClassic2. Players with ThreatClassic-1.0 won't see the threat of players with LibThreatClassic2 and vice versa. LibThreatClassic2 is incompatible with ThreatClassic-1.0, because of a broken versioning implementation in ThreatClassic-1.0. Players that don't update won't send their threat to players with the new library and won't receive the threat of players without the old library installed. This means your party members with the new version won't show up in your threat meter and you won't show up in theirs.

Then how can you update new library to provide your threat to your party? The following procedure might help you.  

- If you are actively using ClassicThreatMeter, please switch over to ThreatClassic2 or use Details TinyThreat instead. ThreatClassic2 also comes with a new option to always shide it and just run it in the background. ThreatClassic2 always comes with the latest version of the library.

- If you are actively using Details TinyThreat, please install the latest version of Details. You need Details version C188 or later (/details will show the version ingame).

- If you are not actively using a threat meter, you get the new library by updating DBM, Plater, ThreatPlates Classic or consider installing ThreatClassic2.

Now you must understand how important it is to update the new library, don't forget to update your game! More WoW Classic news are waiting for you on What's more, you can get WoW Classic mounts cheap and safe with top services from us at any time!

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