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How To Start Your World of Warcraft Classic

  • 2019-10-31 15:01:13
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World of Warcraft Classic is so complex, are you ready? As you see, everywhere you go in Azeroth, you’ll level up multiple different systems. In this guide, we’ve compiled our best tips to help you learn a bit faster and avoid some pains. Raiditem is also offering cheap WoW gold with safe service. You can buy it here for saving your money!

Rest at inns
When you’re in an inn, you will get two benefits: You can log off instantly without waiting for the timer, and you start to accumulate Rested Experience. Rested Experience is like a tiny boost to your leveling experience. When you log back in, you’ll have a small, purple blip on your bar. Until you reach that bar on your experience gauge, you’ll earn double experience for enemies you kill. You can also accumulate Rested Experience if you’re just sitting in an inn crafting or getting up to get a drink in real life. Take advantage of this system as much as you can.

Use your Heartstone
Your Hearthstone is a powerful tool that’s easy to forget about. Time spent running from place to place is time wasted in World of Warcraft Classic, so make strategic use of your Hearthstone. Just don’t forget that it has a hour-long cooldown, so choose the right times to jump back.

Sell Junk, Save Your Cash
Everything in World of Warcraft Classic has value. As you start collecting some cash, save as much of it as you can — even if it means not buying abilities from your trainer, especially if you don’t you don’t plan on using them while leveling.

When you hit level 40, you can learn how to ride a mount and buy a mount (unless you’re a Warlock or Paladin, who get free mounts). Those two items together cost 100 gold, also known as 10,000 silver, or 1,000,000 copper. The riding skill alone is required for all classes, and it costs 20 gold. Since a mount will drastically speed up your final 20 levels, make sure you can afford your mount and riding skill as soon as you hit 40.

Buy Bags
Bags are a few silver from any general trader and increase your money-making abilities. If you add as many six-slot bags to your character as possible, you can hold more items to sell. Without upgrading your bags, you’ll have to leave items behind if you don’t want to return to a store every few minutes. Save yourself the headache, and buy a couple bags. They’ll pay for themselves very quickly.

Grab a Profession Early
When you get to a major city — Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, etc. — find a profession trainer and get to work. It costs some cash to learn a trade, but like bags, it’pay for itself. We recommend grabbing at least one gathering profession. That would be Herbalism, Mining, or Skinning. You can hold two professions, so try to pair your gathering profession with a crafting profession.
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