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How To Choose a WoW Classic Faction

  • 2019-08-23 19:02:49
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As the coming of WoW Classic, are you confused with how to choose a WoW classic faction? Choosing between WoW Classic factions goes beyond just storyline implications or general alignment charts. Screen Rant has put together a comprehensive starter's guide to choosing a WoW Classic faction. Will players join the Alliance or embody the fury of the Horde? keep your eyes on the professional WoW gold shop -

For a purely entertainment-based experience, Horde seems to generally have players' vote. Despite being a bit slower, a lot of the Horde-specific questlines, especially those early on, feel more impactful or meaningful than the ones on the Alliance side. Again, that's a subjective takeaway, but WoW Classic faction discussion has seemed to favor Horde for just the overall questing experience - even if it involves the legendary Barrens, a Horde-only questing zone that is infamous for being so spread out it drags out the questing experience for far too long.

In terms of exclusives, the most prominent one is the Paladin class for WoW Classic Alliance members. Paladins are a very balanced class that are also extremely desirable as party members thanks to their powerful Blessings.

The Alliance also has access to two major hubs that Horde players can only attempt to invade via PvP: Stormwind, the Human capital and one of the most popular cities in WoW Classic; and Ironforge, the Dwarven capital. They're purely aesthetic choices, but players looking for a more refined or industrial look will likely favor the Alliance choices.

The Horde, on the other hand, have exclusive access to the Shaman class. WoW Classic Horde members can enjoy a similarly balanced class in Shaman that offers buffs to parties and can do quite well on its own, though, as stated above, it's likely a step behind Paladin thanks to not having Bloodlust yet, which was added in The Burning Crusade expansion.

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