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How to Get into WoW Classic and Reserve Your Name

  • 2019-08-14 14:23:09
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Dear WoW players, before the official launch of WoW Classic later this month, you are allowed with an active WoW subscription to reserve their names early. As of August 12, name reservation is live, and you can nab names for up to three characters., a professional WoW gold website, will share the best guide of how to reserve your game with you!

How to get into WoW Classic and reserve your preferred name?

Install WoW Classic (it's a little hidden)
Choose your realm carefully
Create a character and name it accordingly

1. You'll find WoW Classic in the Blizzard launcher, but not on the left-side bar where every other game is. It's within the launch page for vanilla WoW under this dropdown menu. Select it to launch or install WoW Classic.
2. Once you're in, it's important that you choose the right WoW Classic server (Blizzard calls them realms). You have a choice between normal, PvP, and roleplaying servers. Reserving a name for one realm doesn't save it on another, so choose carefully. If you're playing with friends, decide on a server together.

3. If you're confident with your server choice, go ahead and create your character. You can't actually play the game yet, but it's a good opportunity to get matters settled so you can jump right into the circa-2006 goodness when August 26 rolls around. And the sooner you get in there, the more like you are to get the name you want. Hurry up and reserve Gingerspicefan99 before someone else.

Here's the login screen once you've created a character and reserved a name. It's as simple as that. And remember, you can reserve up to three characters per account.

Blizzard also notes that all of your characters in a PvP server must be aligned with the same faction. That's a fair limitation. Otherwise, you could scope out PvP targets on your Horde character and then quickly switch to Alliance for an ambush.

WoW is the gift that keeps on giving for Blizzard, and a time warp to the past may be just what everyone wants from the series right now. Anyway, you can reserve your World of Warcraft Classic character name. besides, want to buy cheap WoW classic gold? Raiditem will be your best choice! More to come, please stay tuned.

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