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World of Warcraft's Goblin and Worgen Visual Update is Coming Soon

  • 2019-08-01 18:23:48
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Hey, dear WoW players! If your worgen has started to look a little bit mangy, don't worry, their time has finally come. Goblins and worgen are both getting a visual update, including new animations. The new look will be tested in the Public Test Realms soon, along with some other new features coming to 8.2.5. BTW, if you want to buy WoW gold at the most competitive price, then you won’t miss Raiditem!

What are you expecting for in this update?

Blizzard will be testing 15th anniversary event, players will acquire an adorable Lil' Nefarian pet and other presents, along with raids and battlegrounds with nods to the MMO's past. If you manage to defeat all the bosses in the raid wings, you'll get your very own Obsidian Worldbreaker, inspired by Deathwing itself.

If dragons aren't your thing - they're big, they're temperamental, they're a nightmare to groom - you might prefer riding a bee, also available in the update. Alliance players can get the mount by helping Barry the Beekeeper and the Hivemother. And If you need more raids, max-level players will be able to hit up Sulfuron Spire when Cataclysm Timewalking is active.

Blizzard made it a lot easier to find a party and quests over the years, even introducing zone scaling a couple of years ago, and it looks like it's now taking a page from the likes of Final Fantasy 14 by experimenting with party sync. Blizzard is also testing a replay feature that will let players replay quests for level-appropriate rewards, making it more worthwhile to join some friends on a low-level adventure. High-level players will also be able to queue with their low-level friends in dungeons and PvP, with their level being scaled down.

After ceasing last month, Recruit A Friend is returning with 8.2.5. Everyone with active game time will be able to recruit friends, using a custom link that will also let you see if they've bought WoW and what rewards you're due. The longer your friend subscribes, the more rewards you'll get, including pets, mounts and game time. Is it ethical to hook your friends on an MMO? Who cares, you get cool toys.

As you know, the 8.2.5 is coming to the PTR soon. And if you're feeling nostalgic, World of Warcraft Classic will arrive on August 27. Want to get cheap WoW items? Come to Raiditem enjoying the most reasonable prices and fast delivery. We never let you down!

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