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New Story and Funny Message about Upcoming WoW Classic Server

  • 2019-02-25 17:57:40
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After a long wait for WoW's official vanilla server, we finially get more news about it. Though Blizzard keep silent about its new server, fans feel so excited as the summer is coming! Follow raiditem.com to know what's new about WoW classic version. Meanwhile, welcome to buy WoW classic items to be prepare for upcoming content.

And with the company recently getting heat from its massive layoff issue, some are wondering whether or not this reduction in workforce will affect "World of Warcraft Classic." This is especially true since among the departments that got hit by the cost-cutting was "World of Warcraft," Polygon reported.

To make matters worse, Ythisens – one of the most well-known community manager of the "WoW" franchise – was also affected. Following the news, fans are speculating that the company's silence about "World of Warcraft Classic" will grow even more so in the weeks to come.

It can be recalled that Ythisens was the one who explained why Blizzard was being mummed about "World of Warcraft Classic." The community manager said that since they don't have significant information to offer its fan base, the developers have elected to keep working silently.

But being reticent will be difficult for Blizzard going forward since the massive lay off has blown up all over the web. Indeed, the subreddit of the game is filled with doubts about "World of Warcraft Classic" and how the company will communicate with its fan base from here on out.

The fans are also livid about the fact that Ythisens was fired but Josh Allen wasn't given that the former is a far better community manager than the latter. The main issue about the whole thing is that the company reported they've earned billions last year, which is difficult for them to justify this controversial maneuver.

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