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Will Method Defeat The BFA's New Raid: Battle of Dazar' Alor?

  • 2019-01-30 17:11:36
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Battle of Dazar' alor also referred to as Siege of Zuldazar and Burning of Dazar'alor during BFA PTR, is the second raid in BFA and is famous to players in Patch 8.1.0. According to raiditem.com, this new raid is a bit different from other raids before. That also means,  as a commen player, you may need to buy more WoW gold and other WoW items to train your skills.

In Battle of Dazar' alor, just like every other raid, the release of the hardest difficult comes with a fanfare of competition as the world's top guilds race to see who can finish all of the encounters first.

For ages untold, Dazar'alor has stood at the center of the great and powerful Zandalari empire. Its guards have thwarted numerous attempts on King Rastakhan's life, and it has endured trials both ancient and new. But as war reaches the shores of Zuldazar, the Alliance embarks on a daring gambit to besiege the golden pyramid and sever the Zandalari's bond to the Horde.

Horde players will begin the raid by defending against an invasion in the northern jungle of Zuldazar in the Defense of Dazar' alor.

In the heart of Zuldazar the tables will turn, and Horde players will experience the story—and a trio of encounters—from the perspective of the Alliance. During this middle act, Death's Bargain, Horde characters will transform into soldiers of the opposite faction (including their associated racials) based on their race.

- Blood Elf: Most blood elf players will transform into humans, while demon hunters will become night elves.
- Goblin: Goblin heroes will transform into gnomes, except for hunters and shaman, who will become dwarves.
- Highmountain Tauren:  Most players of this Allied Race will change into draenei, while druids will become night elves.
- Mag'har Orcs: Another Allied Race, mag'har orc players will transform into dark iron dwarves.
- Nightborne: This Allied Race will change into night elves except for warlocks, who will change into humans.
- Orc: These players will transform to dwarves. (Talk about a shift in perspective.)
- Pandaren: Pandaren will stay as pandaren.
- Tauren: Most tauren will turn into draenei, while druids will become night elves.
- Troll: Trolls will mostly transform into night elves; troll shaman will become draenei, and warlocks will become human.
- Undead: These players will transform into humans.

Method, the most famous World of Warcraft raiding guild on Azeroth, became the first team to defeat BFA's opening raid, Uldir. Though this team has won so many times, it is hard to say that they will defeat Battle of Dazar'Alor raid easily.  The team has gathered at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London to stream their progress.  allowing WoW fans from around the world to see the culmination of thousands of hours of preparation and hard work, all with the goal of securing their 11th world first.

But the competition is fierce than any other occasion. The team even allows players to see their live operation, which make the challenge more interesting and more heating. So, will they continue to write their heroic victory in face of a total new and special raid?

If they manage it, it will be another huge achievement for Method team as well as for most of WoW fans. Before this new raid is released, Method has prepared for a very long time and tro their best to make the possible strategy. But we are not sure whether they will get a victory or not. Welcome to share your opinions with Raiditem.com. Meanwhile, full stock of safe WoW gold is ready and promo coupons is available. Hurry to buy cheap WoW gold and enjoy 100% professional service at best WoW shop.

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