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New Contents Available in WoW: Tides of Vengeance!

  • 2018-12-12 11:47:10
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Tides of Vengeance will finally get launched today. All these new features will definitely surprise us all. However, based on the information raiditem.com knows, more new contents will come alongside Tides of Vengeance. And before you start a brand new journey, it's very necessary to check out what new features will come. You will find all the highlights below. In addition, don't forget to prepare enough WoW gold with you in case you may need to buy some items.

War Campaign

New Questlines

New chapters in the War Campaign are now available. Head to Boralus or Zuldazar to rejoin your faction's war efforts.

New Missions

Several new Missions are now available at both your War Table, as well as from new drops from various activities, such as Island Expeditions. Look for new Missions to upgrade your faction’s outposts, level up followers so that they gain access to a new equipment slot, send your followers on lucrative new weekly treasure hunts, and unlock a vendor who offers the opposing faction's pets.

Faction Assaults

Periodically, the Alliance or the Horde will launch an assault against a hostile position in Kul Tiras or Zandalar. When an Assault is active, a group of new World Quests will be available to both factions in that area. Rally to the location to fight on behalf of your faction and earn new Honorbound or 7th Legion Service Medals that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards.

Players who have unlocked World Quests at level 120 on at least one character will have Assault World Quests available to any of their other characters.

Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore

The conflict over the home of the night elves has reached a fever pitch, and new questlines will lead you to the all-new Battle for Darkshore. In this new Warfront, you'll unlock access to powerful hero transformations that give you temporary abilities themed around your role as a tank, healer, or damage dealer. Therefore, you may need to buy WoW gold in advance to get yourself fully prepared!

Contributions for Darkshore as well as the Stromgarde Warfront now operate on a daily cycle. When resources are being mustered, three quartermasters will each put out a request for a different contribution each day. The requested turn-ins have also been adjusted to be more consistent in their value.

When your faction controls either Arathi Highlands or Darkshore, world quests will now be available in those zones, in place of the once-per-cycle kill quests that were previously offered for Arathi.

Heritage Armor Questlines

New questlines to find and obtain new Heritage armor are available to two mighty races- the dwarves and the blood elves. Available at level 120 to dwarves who are Exalted with Ironforge and blood elves who are exalted with Silvermoon, look for "Keep Yer Feet on the Ground" at the Stormwind Embassy, or "The Pride of the Sin'dorei" at the Orgrimmar Embassy, and get started rediscovering your heritage. For your information, all kinds of WoW items are hot sale at the cheapest price on raiditem.com. 

Dungeons and Raids

- You can now speak to Archmage Timear in Dalaran above the Broken Isles to access Legion Raid Finder solo or with a private group.

- Siege of Boralus and Kings' Rest are now available on Heroic difficulty.

- Mythic Keystones can no longer be deleted.

- The new Raid: Battle of Dazar'alor, and Season 2 for PvP and Mythic Keystone Dungeons will begin with the weekly reset in each region starting on January 22, 2019.

There is no doubt that more new contents are waiting for you in Tides of Vengeance. Explore them today when the update is done! If you need WoW power leveling or anything else, please visit raiditem.com without hesitation! We offer you the cheapest price and top services. The most professional team will never let you down!

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