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Patch 8.1: Changes Coming to Island Expedition Rewards

  • 2018-12-05 18:19:15
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Many players are asking how to get hands on Island Expedition, and the answer is very sophisticated and it will based on particular mobs. That means you need to kills the mobs if you want particular rewards and put the brakes on gathering Azerite until you did so. Needless to say this ended up in conflict between players that wanted to take the time and shoot for rewards, and players who just wanted to get their Azerite as quickly as possible and get out of there.  Now some changes will come to the system in Patch 8.1. Raiditem is the most trustworthy website selling a wide range of WoW items like WoW gold and WoW power leveling at a lower price. Fast delivery is guaranteed.

You can find the original post on the official forum, and Blizzard clarified the changes in a post. Players will change their tactics to take the route everytime to approach rewards when their is an easier, and more effective way. However, when it comes some purely cosmetic rewards like toys, Battle pets and wow mounts, not every player is going to take time to grind for them, cause they don’t care about the cosmetic stuff. That is just which players conflict was coming to play. If you’re queuing just to complete your weekly Azerite grind, you don’t necessarily want to spend extra time on an Island.

It is true that Island Expedition are a lot of fun, but it seems that the current reward system is a complex exercise. Players are willing to jump through hoops to get loot, but the loot are too complex to be understood for most of players, which will bring frustration to gameplay. 

To change current random and complex system, Blizzard will bring some changes to Island Expedition to make the maddening hunt for loot into a much more straightforward and easier process. Then, players don’t need to kill particular mobs but just complete the island and cross your fingers.

Completing the Island Expeditions on higher diffulty levels will up your chance at getting loot. Hope the upcoming changes will take frustration away frmom players and square on the random nature of looting drops. Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance will hit live serves next week, and change will go into effect by then. Also, as the best partner of your World of Warcraft, raiditem will be providing you with the largest selection of WoW items. WoW gold and WoW leveling service are definitely worth your trust. Top raid team is always here to offer you the best!

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