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Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes - Raiditem

  • 2018-12-05 12:17:38
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Welcome to www.raiditem.com - the most professional and reliable website for buying poe items. Today we are going to bring you the complete patch notes for Path of Exile: Betrayal. We also collected the information needed to update the project filter and the passive tree tool.

We've listed the passive tree changes in the patch, along with some major new content and features, if you don't have time to farm chaos orbs or exalted orbs by yourself, please feel free to contact raiditem and place your orders.

The Betrayal Challenge League

Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy. All of your old characters and items are still present in the Standard and Hardcore leagues, but you're encouraged to join the new leagues, complete challenges and demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile!

Passive Tree Data

The game will update Path of Exile's built-in item filter in the game and the Passive Skill Tree on the website alongside the launch of the Betrayal League.

With 3.5.0, there are Standard and Hardcore, and Solo Self-Found Standard and Hardcore, variations of the Betrayal challenge league available. They have the same core mechanics and items. You can create private league versions of these leagues, with mods that make the game harder.

In the Betrayal Challenge League, you will investigate the Immortal Syndicate, whose sinister operations have begun to appear across Wraeclast and Oriath. If you need to buy chaos orbs and exalted orbs, raiditem.com is the best place for you.

New Features

The new challenge leagues include a set of 40 new challenges. When you complete 12 challenges, you will receive the Betrayal Helmet Attachment. When you reach 24 challenges, you will receive the Betrayal Aura Effect. At 36 challenge completed you'll receive the Betrayal Cloak. These microtransactions are only obtainable in this league.

From the 19th challenge onwards and for every third challenge after that, you will receive pieces of the Betrayal Totem Pole decoration to display in your hideout. The Totem Pole permanently showcases how many of the Betrayal challenges you completed during the league.

Besides, there's a new roster of Masters! Alva, Niko and Einhar have returned and have brought their respective League features with them. They, along with Zana and the Betrayal League's Jun Ortoi, make up the new roster of Masters. Einhar's Bestiary content has been revamped - he now accompanies you on the hunt and manages nets for you.

The full patch notes you can continue to check out at path of exile’s official website to learn. If you also need a large stock of chaos orbs and exalted orbs to help you in the new league, welcome to visit raiditem.com to buy the best poe items with the cheapsst price and fast delivery. We never let you down!

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