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WoW Classic: Content Changed and Remains

  • 2018-11-06 12:36:12
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On Blizzcon 2018, Virtual ticket holders are able to test WoW Classic. Compare and contrasted to WoW Classic when patch 1.12 came out, something will be changes and some will remains. According to Ion Hazzikostas, they will remove some thing in modern game like LFD or Raid or Dungeon Finder, instant mail to guild mates, linked auction houses, flying of any kind, achievements, cross -realm play, real ID or Battletags of any sort. To know more info about WoW classic, come to raiditem! And it is really wise of you to buy WoW gold and WoW power leveling here, for you will enjoy cheap price and instant delivery for each order. 

In addition, there also will be something to be remained to maintain the authenticity of WoW classic. For example, Rogues will regenerate energy in large chunks instead of on a point by point basis, there will be a 16 debuff upper limit that means once someone applies the 17th debuff to a target one of those sixteen will fall off. The goal was, in all cases, to keep the classic experience alive — instead of mailing materials to a guildmate and almost immediately getting a crafted item back, you may well prefer to travel to wherever that guildmate is and hand them the materials instead.

What’s more, Debuff limits, mail delivery subsystems, Auction Houses will have all of the limits they had back then even if that’s not what the game was intended to do because that’s what it actually did. Weapon skill, Crushing Blows and Defense are all back. Hunter pets will need to be fed or they will lose happiness and could even run away from you, and you will need ammo for your bow or gun.

There is one big unkown is addons. In WoW Classic, Addons could automate a great deal more than they can now. Modern addons have the ability to create big social communication options that would essentially recreate things like Dungeon Finder which is also not something the devs want to interfere with the authenticity of the experience.  

Besides, there will be a few convenience, like you are able to move items from your mail to your bags in a far more fluid manner. The old loot systems will return, but you will still be able to trade items with other players who killed a boss you did. 

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