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What Will OSRS New PvP Changes Bring Us?

  • 2018-11-06 12:11:36
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In order to offer all players a better game experience, OSRS made some new changes about PvP mode. Of course raiditem.com will reveal these new changes for you today. Except that, we can also offer you cheapest OSRS gold with 100% safe instant delivery. Please feel free to visit our website whenever you want to buy osrs gold online. Now let's check new changes together.  

Mysterious Emblems 

It's currently possible to instantly destroy a Mysterious emblem, meaning not only do you lose it, you also prevent any opponent you might be fighting from getting it. Now it has be changed so that you will have to wait 6-seconds in order to destroy a Mysterious emblem, regardless of you being in combat or not. 

Clan Wars Portal 

The Clan Wars portal is commonly used by many players for many reasons. But there is an issue where it's currently possible for you to engage in combat with another player, gaining a skull, then use the Clan Wars portal to remove that skull. When this is done, you can return to combat with the same player but you will no longer receive a PvP skull. It will be changed so that if you lose your skull via the Clan Wars portal, you'll always get a new one when you next attack another player. 

PvP World Protection 

PvP world protection has been changed so that if you engage in combat with another player in a PvP world, you can be attacked back by that player for 6-seconds after entering the safe zone. This means you will be able to step in and out of the safe zone safely without being attacked whilst inside the safe zone unless you have attacked another player. If that is the case, then only the player you attacked would be able to attack you back. And you can also bring rs 2007 weapons to enhance yourself before step into PvP world. Thus you won't get attacked easily. 


Anglerfish are commonly used in both PvP and PvM, and for good reason. Developers kept the ability for Anglerfish to overheal in both PvP and PvM , but they changed how Anglerfish work when used within the Wilderness and on PvP/Bounty Hunter worlds. The change would mean that the overheal effect of Anglerfish would only apply when they are used outside of combat when in the Wilderness or on a PvP/Bounty Hunter world. 

Energy Transfer 

The way Energy Transfer works in PvP Worlds has been changed so the target of the spell must have been out of combat for 15 seconds before it can be cast on them. 

Special Attacks & Teleporting 

To help promote more of a fairer PvP environment, you are unable to teleport for 3 to 6 seconds after using a Special Attack whilst in the Wilderness or in a PvP/Bounty Hunter world now. This would also prevent you from entering a Player Owned House portal.


Certain players at PvP hotspot locations will attack another account without dealing any damange or being attacked back, meaning neither player is at risk of dying nor can they be attacked by others. Now it has been changed that Player A and Player B will need to be attacking each other, else after a certain period of time, they'll both be able to be attacked by anyone. 

Player Kills & Loot Issues 

Developers improved this further by changing it so that if your opponent has been out of combat with their previous opponent for 18 seconds, or if they use a bank, you will be assigned the loot should you kill them.

All PvP changes are revealed above. You can log in game and enjoy them now! As you know, we have numerous Runescape 07 Gold in stock for you. We guarantee you the best services and cheapest price. Please contact us to learn more. Raiditem.com is always here for you. 

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