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New Vol’jin Storyline Available on Live Servers This Week

  • 2018-10-10 14:16:45
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This week, the second part of Vol’jin Questline is enabled on live servers. Here, this post is going to talking about the new Vol’jin story in Patch 8.1 and the new things that await the Shodow Hunter in BfA’s upcoming patch. If you are searching for a trustworthy website to buy WoW gold and WoW mounts, well, congrats, for you have come to an ideal place. Raiditem is most professional store with over 10 years’ experience, and provides the largest selection of WoW items for all the WoWers all over the globe. 

Regarding the Vol’jin story, The next part of the story is up with the opening of the Uldir’s final Raid Finder Wing. First you summon Vol'jin's spirit. Then, you're sent to Uldir to defeat G'huun and throw The Glaive of Vol'jin at his corpse. Bwonsamdi in Zuldazar has a new quest for you, you can check the map of Zuldazar for new quests.

The Lost Spirit
Spirit don’t go missing. You need find some friends to help you track Vol’jin spirit down. Dem who was friends to him in life should have da strength to find him in death. And if not, Talanji gonna help you. Go to Talanji's ship in da Port of Zandalar. It be dat banged up ship ya came in on. You gonna do a little seance. 

Next, you must go to the Port of Zandalar and you'll summon the Spirit of Vol'jin with the help of Talanji.
Spirit Call: We are going to reach far into de Shadowlands for this. If Vol'jin has gone beyond Bwonsamdi's vision than either he be lost somewhere or hiding. You will summon the Spirit of Vol'jin with the aid of Rokhan and Talanji.

Justice for the Fallen

Justice for da sons and daughters of lost loa. Justice for da heart of Zandalr. G'huun must be slain, and a symbol of his death displayed to those who need see it most. Take me glaive, drive it into da corpse of dat beast, and let Talanji show it to her people. Let peace be started in da hearts of da Zandalari.

Queue up for the Heart of Darkness Raid Finder and defeat G'huun. Don't forget to use The Glaive of Vol'jin on his corpse. Return to Dazar'alor, turn in the quest and you'll see the following cutscene play that was datamined back in Beta.

The True Leader of Zandalar

Now, take me glaive and walk with Talanji. Let her present your victory to her people. Let da trolls know justice, and the strength of a leader. Completing the questline rewards the Spirits Be With You achievement.

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