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20% bonus available for WoW Fans for Both Alliance and Horde!

  • 2018-09-18 18:48:01
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The Horde vs Alliance rivalry continues in Battle for Azeroth and the conflict behind now get more opportunities to a head. Well, a good news for all fans fond of WoW gameplay: Popular Kronos Gold 3 Packages are now available for the Kronos 3 server by Twinster. Here raiditem.com will give you some details. We also welcome you to buy WoW gold with no risk and with fast delivery guaranteed at our site.

The gold is available for WoW gamers for both Alliance and Horde at €9.95 per 100g. Once ordered, secure delivery is offered to all customers. In addition, 90% of gamers will receive a 20% bonus for every purchase, the details of which are disclosed once payment is made.

The packages available range from 100g of gold at €9.95 (about $10.90) to 1000g at €99.95 (about $109), which reflects the current pricing for the Kronos 3 (Vanilla Classic 1.12 WoW) realm of the Twinster TBC WoW Project. Payments by Bitcoin are also accepted.

WoW gamers can simply purchase Kronos Gold 3 Packages by visiting its selling site and ordering can be completed in four simple steps. In the first step, visitors can select the amount of gold they need from the home page's available packages. And once selected, there are four steps to follow for order finished completely.

Step 1: Supply your character name, faction.
Step 2: Give your personal email that can be used in trade
Step 3: Pay for  Kronos Gold via Paypal
Step 4: Verify your order and wait to receive your gold

Kronos Gold Include: 11 Level 60 Accounts Available
- 9 Horde accounts: Tauren male warrior, a Tauren male druid, a Troll male priest, an undead female warlock, a Tauren male hunter, an undead male priest, and an undead female mage.

- 2 Alliance accounts: a night elf male warrior and a human female rogue.

Kronos Gold was launched as an addition to four sites. The site was set up by a group of experienced WoW gamers who have accumulated considerable gold stocks over the years. Like best WoW gold site raiditem, these sites are able to make sure the transaction under safe environment. There are still lots of things to pay attention to in Battle for Azeroth. And welcome to read more at raiditem - a safe WoW gold seller always take surprise for you!

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Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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