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Weekly PvP Cache: Catch Time to Earn Your Conquest Cap

  • 2018-09-12 14:32:24
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As we mentioned before, in Battle for Azeroth there is a change in PvP gearing change, PvP weekly cache, where players can earn PvP items and weapons every week according to Rated PvP rating. Blizzard clarified that you can earn some greater rewards like WoW gear, weapon or more by doing PvP activities and complete quests. So if you want to gear up, remember to reach your weekly Conquest cap to have access to the PvP chest after weekly reset. 
Here is original post from Blizzard, and read it for more details about Conquest Cap in this week.
“Hi guys,

Just to clarify a few more things about the Conquest System:

Players who did not finish their Conquest cap this week can resume next week. This means, for example, characters you have who have never earned Conquest this week can, in 3 weeks, progress through 3 weeks worth of the conquest earning 3 items.

In order to gain loot for the Weekly Cache (the chest in Mugambala and Hook Point), you must complete your Conquest cap for this week.

The Weekly Cache will reward you loot based upon the highest rating achieved in a rated 2v2, 3v3 or Rated Battleground the previous week. This means you could reach Duelist rank, then drop down to Rival and still receive Duelist quality loot.

Until the Mythic raid opens, all base item level items are capped at 360 within Mythic+ and Rated PvP. This means that Challenger and above players cannot gain items higher than item level 360 until then.

All Dread Gladiator gear – from the weekly Conquest, from the Weekly Cache, from end of match rewards – can have their item level boosted to the rating associated with your current rank using a Battleborn Sigil. Battleborn Sigil’s can be rewarded to you through PvP actiivites, as well as through a repeatable turn-in quest requiring 10 Quartermaster Coins through Xander Silberman at Mugambala and Marshal Gabriel at the salt and Shanty Inn within Hook Point. Quartermaster Coins can be earned if you lose a bonus roll in PvP.”

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